Causes of hair growth under the skin

1 hair growth under the skin

Causes of hair growth under the skin – ” Contents1 growth of hair under the skin2 causes of hair growth under the skin3 Prevention of hair growth under the skin4 Treatment of hair growth under the skin5 referencesHair growth under the skinThe growth of hair under the skin is known as English, which is the growth of hair planted under the skin, which is usually accompanied by high red spots, can sometimes become infected and can turn into painful ulcers full of pus, as It can cause itching of the skin, sometimes the color of the skin can change in the affected area in addition to the appearance of skin scars as a result of an itchy skin or try to extract the hair under the skin, and the hair usually grow in the areas where the hair is removed as it appears on the face and neck in men, and it can appear on the face, armpits, legs and vulva in women. [1] [2]Causes of hair growth under the skinThe growth of hair under the skin can affect any person, but the problem is more common in people who have very curly or rough hair, and in many cases, curly hair can fold and re-enter the skin, especially after its throat or cut, and includes factors that increase the opportunity that the growth of hair under the skin is the followin

2 causes of hair growth under the skin

g: [3] [4] [5]High levels of sex hormones: high levels of sex hormones can increase hair growth, making it more vulnerable to growth under the skin, especially after shaving.Tightening of the skin while shaving: tightening the skin while shaving leads to the shaved hair to the skin and to the entrance in the direction of the first growth.Pollution of the hair: Picking the hair can cause its growth under the surface of the skin.Belonging to certain ethnicities: People of African American, Latino and thick or frizzy people are at risk of developing hair growth under the skin medically known as pseudofolliculitis; A chronic inflammation of the skin is caused by haircuts, picking or genetic factors sometimes, and this problem begins in adolescence as soon as shaving begins, and lasts for life, and this condition affects people with frizzy raw hair who try to remove it by shaving or plating, it affects people who deny the hair by using compresses, thread or wax.Prevention of hair growth under the skinThe growth of hair under the skin can be prevented by following the following tips: [6]Skin Epleling: The accumulation of dirt, oils and dead skin cells can cause hair follicles, so remove

3 Prevention of hair growth under the skin

this dirt by exfoliation can help prevent hair growth under the skin, and it is recommended to exfoliate the skin before shaving by rubbing the legs with a special The peeling wash or use the foofah to help remove dirt, to open the pores of the skin and gently peel helps remove dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface of the skin and help remove the developing hair and outside the skin, until it grows properly .Using a dry brush: brushing the skin with a strong brush and in a circular motion, can gently get rid of the outer layer of dead skin cells, and the removal of this layer can also keep the skin pores and follicles clean and prevent the growth of hair inward.The use of shaving cream: The use of shaving or gel cream can help prevent hair growth, because the shaving cream adds moisture and reduces friction as the blade slides over the skin, and it should be noted that the friction caused by the blade can lead to skin irritation and inflammation, as it can cause heartburn; Where the skin becomes red and sometimes painful, and it should be noted that it is necessary to use a shaving cream of the type that does not cause skin irritation; As some creams contain chemicals and

4 treatment of hair growth under the skin

fragrances that can irritate the skin, which leads to hair growth under the skin, and therefore people with sensitive skin are advised to use natural or anti-sensitive products to remove hair.Choose the correct shaving blade: Using an inappropriate shaving blade can lead to hair growth under the skin, and the appropriate blade is characterized by its ability to gently remove hair from the skin without leaving hair behind, and it is advisable to Replace the shaving blades regularly, to avoid friction due to the low efficiency of the blade in shaving.The throat in the same direction of hair growth: shaving in the opposite direction can increase the growth of hair under the skin, as it is easy to penetrate the hair of the skin.Follow good shaving practices: good shaving tips include the following:Use sharp, clean blades and avoid shaving blades that show signs of rust or corrosion.Rinse the blade after each pass with the blade on the skin.Reduce the number of shaves and allow hair to grow.Do not overuse shaving blades.Treat hair growth under the skinAlthough developing hair under the surface of the skin can disappear automatically without needing treatment, some available treatments i

nclude the following: [7]Chemical removers: chemical removers can be used every few days to avoid skin irritation, and it should be noted that hydrocortisone cream can be used to relieve irritation resulting from chemical hair removers.Tretinoin cream helps this cream to reduce skin blockage or hyperpoxia, reduces the accumulation of dead skin cells and reduces hair growth within the skin.Topical and oral antibiotics for the treatment of skin infection: Topical and oral antibiotics may be necessary for severe conditions that include pimples and abscesses on the skin, and it may be recommended to be a lotion that contains antibacterial substances once or twice a day to control the infection.Medical removal of microbial hair: by making a small incision and drawing the hair.Laser treatment for hair removal: Laser hair removal can be an option to prevent hair growth, as laser treatments help reduce hair growth permanently.Permanent Removal Analysis: This procedure targets hair follicles and works to permanently destroy them.Home treatments: The list of home remedies includes the following: [8]Apply warm compresses to the affected area.Using tea tree oil; Which helps to kill bacteria, r

educe the problem of hair growth under the skin, and it can be used by mixing oil with water to relieve it and then apply it on the skin.Using sugar as a natural scrub; Sugar can be mixed with olive oil or honey, to moisturize the skin and kill bacteria. The sugar can be mixed and applied to the skin in a circular motion, then rinsed with warm water.Baking soda; Baking soda helps to peel the skin and can be used to mix a tablespoon of baking soda with any of the waters, apply the mixture with a cotton ball on the skin and rinse it with cold water.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Causes of hair growth under the skin

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