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Causes of itching hands – ” Contents1 itchy hands2 causes of itchy hands3 natural ways to get rid of itchy hands4 referencesItchy handsItchy hands are one of the annoying problems that some people suffer from, and one of the causes is the presence of a skin disease or other medical condition that needs treatment, and the affected person may need serious care for the damage that this cake Creates on the skin, as it causes disruption of sleep, and it is best to get rid of this problem is as soon as possible, and we will talk in this article about the causes of itching and treatment methods. [1]Causes of itchy handsSome people may be exposed to the problem of permanent itching between the hands, especially at night, as this is due to several things, including:[2]Sensitivity: which is caused by nickel, chromium, perfumes and ointments, in addition to environmental chemicals, whose symptoms include exfoliation in certain areas of the body, in addition to swelling of the eyelid and skin, except for the appearance of pimples and buttons on the hands.Diabetes.Medication: As many people take medication to treat certain medical conditions and therefore get stingy.Eczema: the expression of an infectious skin disease,

2 causes of itching hands

which appears in the form of redness and irritation with itching, and there are several reasons that lead to it, such as inheritance, or due to an abnormal response to the immune system in the body.The smell of sweat: which occurs as a result of the great movement, or sitting in a very warm place, where it can be eliminated by using deodorants.Insects, especially in summer, where insects are spread over the open places of the body, and one of the insects that bite mosquitoes and fleas that live in the home furniture, or corners of walls and others.Malignant diseases: that cause severe itching in the hands without any symptoms that indicate them, such as cancer that affects the lymphocytes claims the lympoia.Dry hands such as weather changes, exposure to direct sun or cold air, and other air factors, in addition to exposure to various chemicals.Natural ways to get rid of itchingThere are natural ways to get rid of itchy hands, including:[3]Lemon: It contains vitamin C, which nourishes the skin, and its use is by applying the hands with it, leaving it until it dries, then washing the hands and drying them well.Basil tea: drinking a cup of basil per day, as it reduces itching and canc

3 natural ways to get rid of itching

els it.Permanent moisture of the skin: use creams for both hands.Oats: By mixing two cups of ground oatmeal with bath water, as this method is effective in getting rid of itching permanently.Vaseline: By applying it on the skin, especially after bathing to moisturize the skin.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Causes of itching hands

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