Causes of nail fungus

1 Causes of nail fungi

Causes of nail fungus – “Contents1 Causes of nail fungus2 The risk of nail fungus3 Tips to prevent nail fungus4 Nail Fungus Video5 ReferencesCauses of nail fungusFungal infection in the nails, fungal nail infection or onychomycosis is one of the infectious health conditions, but there are preventive measures that help prevent their transmission to others as they will be clear later, [1] and the period of the nail Fungus nursery varies from three to six days almost, it should be noted that there are three main types of fungi that lead to a fungal infection in the nails, but despite the difference in these fungi, the appearance of the affected nail and the symptoms accompanying this The condition does not differ and as an explanation of the causes that lead to a fungal infection in the nails: [2]Dermatophytes, which are fungi that need keratin to reproduce, so these fungi affect the skin, nails and hair, and a study published in the pharmaceutical journal (in English: thepharmaceutical Journal) indicated that the leather breakfast is formed (85-90% ) of cases of fungal infections on the nails and belong to this group the following fungi: [2] [3]Reddish fungi, which are the most common types of fungi to caus

2 The risk of nail fungi

e distal lateral onycoomyycosisisis, as well as distal lateral unychomycosis, and proxicosicosiso.Treichophyten mentagrophytes, which are the most common causes of a flat infection with white nails and WSO.Epidermophyton. [2]Microsporum. [2]Yeast: (English: yeast) and based on the previously mentioned study, yeasts constitute (5-10)% of cases of fungal infections on the nails, and this infection usually appears with fingernails, and rarely affects the toenails, and White candidiasis fungi (English: Candida albicans are the most common type of fungi of chronic candiac (English: chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis), which is the mucous membrane as well as the skin in the nails. [2] [3]Non-dermatophyte molds. This type of fungus usually affects the toenails and rarely affects the fingernails, and it can cause rare cases of flat white nail infection, and the incidence of nail infection due to these fungi is what percentage (2-5)% based on the previously mentioned study. [2] [3]Risk factors for nail fungusFungal infection by toenails is more common, due to the availability of the appropriate environment for the reproduction of fungi, because the environment of the feet is warm and away fr

3 tips for preventing nail fungus

om exposure to light, and the blood flow to the nails of the toenails of the toenails of the toenails of the toenails of the toenails are lower than its flow to the nails of the hands [4] and there are several factors that can increase the possibility of nail fungus, and from these factors, the following can be mentioned:[5]The age, because the nails become fragile and dry where the fungi can enter the nails through the mesh in which they form, but it should be alerted to the possibility of nail fungus in any age group.Athlete’s foot, as this condition can develop, causing infection of the toenails later, and this infection can be transmitted from one nail to another, but it is rare to be transmitted from one person to another.Infection from certain skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema. [5] [6]Diabetes and blood cycle diseases that cause blood flow to the feet.Weak immune system.Constant sweating, as well as heavy sweating.Gender, as men are more likely to develop nail fungus than women. [4]Lack of attention to the cleanliness of the feet, as well as lack of attention to their remaining drying. [4]Walking barefoot in places where fungus infection is easy, such as swimming

4 nail fungus video

pools. [4]Use unlimited tools on the nails and share these tools with others. [7]Having an infected infection in the same house. [4]The presence of a family history of fungal infection. [8]The use of artificial nails. [9]Tips for preventing nail fungusIt is possible to use some preventive measures and steps, which can help to reduce the possibility of nail fungus, or to reduce the possibility of infection again, and from these steps, the following can be mentioned:[10]Keep hands and feet clean and wash them constantly, especially after touching the hand for nails with fungus.Moisturize nails after washing them.Change socks daily and wear socks that absorb sweat.Regular nail trim and use coolant to make nail edges smooth.Sterilize nail scissors after each use.Wear comfortable shoes made of materials that allow air to enter the feet.Wear shoes in pool areas.Make sure that materials used for nails are sterilized in beauty centers.Avoid using artificial nails or nail polish.Get rid of old shoes.Disinfectants, such as various anti-fungus sprays, which are sprayed inside shoes to kill all germs. [11]Nail fungus videoThis phenomenon is a pathological infection that can be transmitted from

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Causes of nail fungus

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