Causes of the hot hands

1 Reasons for the heat of the hands

Causes of the hot hands – ” Contents1 reasons for the heat of the hands2 reasons to see a doctor3 referencesCauses of hot handsA person may feel the hands of the hands at different times of the day; The change in temperature is attributed to many reasons, but the heat of the hands permanently and continuously can be a symptom of many health problems. In case of anxiety, the heat of the hands, especially the continuous heat in the hands; It is necessary to see a doctor to diagnose the health problem in case of existence on the basis of the medical history of the person concerned and other symptoms from which he suffers and the explanation of the pathological and unsatisfactory causes of the hands of the hands comes:[1]TemperatureThe hands are affected by the changes that occur on the external temperature, and the instruction comes: [2]Hot weather: hot weather causes a feeling of heat in the hands, especially when practicing any external activities that include covering the hands; For example, wearing gloves while performing gardening works; The hands may become hotter than the rest of the body.Cold weather: cold weather can also cause heat in the hands; This effect indicates the difference and disparity betw

2 Reasons for seeing a doctor

een the heat of the body and the cold outside, and this occurs especially in people who wear gloves or those who have severe sensitivity to temperature changes.ExerciseExercise increases; As a fist or practicing any activity that includes frequent or intense hand movement; Such as writing, the impression of blood flow to the hands; This causes a temporary feeling of warmth and warm hands for a few minutes after the movement, and in the context of the conversation, it should be noted that this condition does not require medical treatment and monitoring. [1]HypertensionHypertension can suffer from heat hands or feet, and the cause is due to the increased blood flow to the parts of the body, and a simple blood pressure measurement test can help determine whether its height is a factor that causes the hands Among the hands, [1] It should be noted that most people who suffer from high blood pressure do not have any symptoms or signs, and it may take many years until the high blood pressure reaches severe levels that cause symptoms, and we show these symptoms as follows: [3]a headache.Hard breathing.Nosebleeds.Feeling dizzy.Pain in the chest.CellulitisCellulitis is defined as a bacterial

infection that affects the deep tissue of the skin and this infection can spread quickly, and in fact a cellular inflammation occurs when the skin is exposed to a wound that makes the bacteria enter the body as the wounds even if it was then Simple, and we can say that the infection by this type of infection can cause the hands of the hands; It is worth noting that the high body temperature can help the body to fight the infection; This explains the heat and warmth of the infection area, and other symptoms accompanying cellulitis in the hand area of the following: [1]The appearance of swelling in the hands.Redness in them.Feeling pain in them.Inflammatory diseasesOne of the methods that the body uses is a reaction to fight infection; however, some diseases and disorders can cause chronic infections in certain areas of the body, including the hands or wrists, which can cause a feeling of heat in these areas due to increased blood perfusion, and rheumatoid arthritis and shorten RA are one of the rheumatoid arthritis and are shortly the most common inflammatory diseases; As all the joints in the body, including the joints in the hands and fingers, can affect the same joints on both s

ides of the body; Who feels heat in the hands, in addition to other symptoms that appear in the hands and fingers, including the following: [2] [4]Polishing and stiffness in the hands and fingers.Feeling pain when you touch the joints of the hands and fingers.Carpal tunnel syndromeCarpal tunnel is known as a narrow corridor on the side of the palm of the hand and surrounded by bones and ligaments, and the median nerve (English: carpal tunnel syndrome), which can lead to heat of the hands and other symptoms that Include the hand and arm, including the following: [2] [5]Sensation of numbness, tingling, and weakness in the hand and arm.Figure and vibration of the hands.Peripheral NervesPeripheral neuropathy is caused by damage and injury to the peripheral nerves, which are the nerves outside the brain and spinal cord, and can cause symptoms that affect different areas of the body, in particular , in addition to other symptoms that include the following: [6] [7]Feeling numbness or tingling starts gradually in the hands or feet, and it can spread to the top to include the arms and legs.The feeling of pain is severe or burning, or is like tingling or throbbing.Feeling very sensitive to t

ouch.Loss of ability to coordinate movement; this can cause a fall.Muscle weakness.Feeling pain when doing activities that should not cause pain; Such as feeling pain in the feet because of weight gain on them or because of a blanket on them.Paralysis in case of kinetic nerves.As for the possible causes of peripheral neuropathy; It includes the following: [7]Diabetes is one of the most common causes.Exposure to injury.Exposure to certain types of infection.Metabolic problems.Exposure to certain types of toxins.Genetic factors.Faithful muscle painFibromyalgia is usually characterized by a sensation of pain in different areas of the body and public fatigue, and in some cases, the injured suffer from a burning sensation in the hands and feet, and other symptoms may include the following: [6]Headache.Depression.Difficulty concentrating.Anxiety.Irritable bowel syndrome, with pain in the lower abdomen.Difficulty sleeping and waking up feeling uncomfortable.other reasonsOther reasons for the hands of the hands are as follows: [8] [6]Complex regional pain syndrome, CRPS, or what is called reflex sympathetic dystrophy) and RSD; RSD; It is a complex health problem that is a defect in the fun

ctions of the nervous system and immune system, and it often causes heat in the parts that affect it because it can also cause sweating, and although it can affect different parts of the body; However, it often affects the hands.A comfortable pigeons: palmar erythema; This is a rare condition that causes redness of the palm of the hands and the surrounding area at the bottom of the thumb and pink, and in some cases, redness also occurs in the fingers, and although it does not cause itching in the affected areas; However, this can make the person suffer from heat or heartburn.Redness of painful limbs: or erythromelalgia; This is a rare disorder that is still completely incomprehensible, but it is supposed to be caused by changes in the blood vessels, and although it often affects the feet; However, it can affect the hands, but with a less common rate, and the symptoms that accompany it usually continue for a few hours each time, as they often worsen in very hot weather, and the symptoms include the following: [2]Heartburn.Severe heartburn.Redness.Itching.Reasons to see a doctorIt is worth seeing a doctor in case of anxiety that heated in the hands and not knowing its cause as mentio

ned above; It may be the initial presentation of an illness or a serious health problem, as it is indicated that consult a doctor and receive appropriate medical care in the early stages in case of health problem that makes treatment easier and effective, but in the event that the cause leading to heat in the hands is probably not harmful; As the exercise or weather changes; The person can wait for the hands of the hands to disappear on their own; But if this continues, it is also worth seeing a doctor, and immediate medical attention should be sought if the hands are accompanied by certain symptoms, including the following: [1]Accelerated ititude.Mental confusion and bewilderment.fever.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Causes of the hot hands

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