Coconut oil for the skin

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Coconut oil for the skin – ” Contents1 coconut oil2 coconut oil for moisturizing the skin3 coconut oil for sunburn4 coconut oil to treat acne5 coconut oil to treat poison ivy rash6 coconut oil to treat heat rash7 coconut oil for cracked lips8 other uses of coconut oil9 referencesCoconut oilCoconut oil is one of the best oils for skin care, as studies and research have proven that it is one of the best that can be used for skin care, as it is the same as the effectiveness of mineral oils in moisturizing the skin, as It has effectiveness in treating acne, treating eczema, killing harmful skin microbes, we will learn the effect of this oil on the skin in this article. [1]Coconut oil to moisturize the skinCoconut oil treats the problem of dry skin, and an important recipe for dehydration is the following:Coconut oil, honey and chia butterCoconut oil, honey, chia butter moisturizes the skin and opens the pores, and honey is characterized by anti-microbial properties and fungi that eliminate germs and keep the skin healthy, and its method is:[1]ingredients:A quarter cup of coconut oil.1 tablespoon of honey.A quarter cup of shea to prepare:Coconut oil and chia butter are dissolved over heat.Add the honey

2 Coconut oil to moisturize the skin

to the mixture once it is removed from the heat and mixed well.It is placed on the skin for at least half an hour.The skin is washed.Repeat the recipe one or three times.Turmeric, coconut oil and honey recipeTurmeric contains the properties of ridding the skin of dark spots, and lemon keeps the skin free of blemishes, and coconut oil and honey keeps the skin moist and makes it shiny and bright, and the method is:[1]ingredients:Three tablespoons of coconut oil.One tablespoon of honey.Half a teaspoon of lemon juice.One teaspoon of turmeric.How to prepare:All the ingredients are mixed in a bowl.Wash the face.Place the mask on the face for 15 to 20 minutes, then wash it off.Repeat the recipe two or three times a week.Coconut oil for sunburnCoconut oil contains fatty acids, antimicrobial properties, antioxidants and anti-fungi, and most people are exposed to sunburn when they spend their time in the summer on the beach, and coconut oil is characterized by its ability to treat sunburn and moisture, as it Prevents skin peeling that results from sunburn[2] and its method is:[2]ingredients:Coconut oil.Aloera.A few drops of lavender to prepare:Mix the three ingredients together.It i

3 coconut oil for sunburn

s placed on the skin for several hours.The recipe is repeated on the skin several times a day and for several days.Coconut oil to treat acneCoconut oil helps to eliminate the germs causing acne and purifies the skin, because it contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungi properties, and antioxidants, and its method is: [2]Ingredients: coconut oil.How to prepare:Put a little oil on the affected area before sleeping.Wash the area in the morning.Clean the face twice a day using it.Coconut oil to treat toxic rashA rash occurs when the skin is rubbed with toxic ivy leaves and the pills full of liquid and severe itching are formed. To stop this itching, coconut oil can be used and its method is: [2]Ingredients: coconut oil.How to prepare:Place the coconut oil on the affected area.Keep the affected area clean by washing it with warm water and soap.Repeat several times a day to speed up the healing process.Coconut oil to treat heat rashThe skin suffers from irritation, which leads to thermal rash or what is called prickly heat, and causes pain and itching, so coconut oil is used because it easily penetrates the skin to stop itching, prevents infection, reduces inflammation and its method is:[2]

4 coconut oil to treat acne

ingredients:Two tablespoons of warm coconut oil.Kafor to prepare:Put coconut oil and camphor in a bowl.Leave them for a few hours.Put the mixture on the affected area.Repeat the recipe several times a day.Coconut oil for cracked lipsCoconut oil is used for cracked lips, and its method is:[3]ingredients:Half a teaspoon of coconut oil.Half a teaspoon of brown sugar or white to prepare:Mix the coconut oil and sugar together.Put the mixture on your lips.Leave it on for two minutes with the application of circular motions.Wash the lips with warm water, then dry them.Moisturize the lips with an appropriate moisturizer.Other uses of coconut oilThere are many uses of coconut oil, namely: [4]Cooking food at high temperatures: Coconut oil contains saturated acids, so it is considered one of the best high temperature oils.Maintaining the health of teeth: coconut oil fights with bacteria in the teeth, which is the cause of cavities and gingivitis.Eczema: Most studies have shown that coconut oil improves dermatitis and treats eczema.Infection control: Coconut oil contains antibacterial properties, which stopped the growth of intestinal bacteria.Abdominal fat reduction: Coco

nut oil helps reduce fat in the abdomen, which is called vascular fat associated with health risks such as: heart disease and diabetes.Hair Protection: Coconut oil is effective in protecting hair from damage, as it contains lauric acid which penetrates the hair shaft and treats the damage.Improved wound healing: To speed up the healing of wounds, a little coconut oil can be applied directly to the wound.Improved bone health: Coconut oil contains antioxidants that protect bone health by eliminating free radicals that cause bone cells to break down.Increased metabolism: coconut oil improves the metabolic rate, as fatty acids are absorbed quickly and the amount of calories increases.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Coconut oil for the skin

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