Cold water damage in the winter

1 Bathing with cold water

Cold water damage in the winter – ” Contents1 cold water swimming2 cold water damage in winter3 advantages of cold water bathing4 referencesBathing in cold waterMany people are warned not to bathe in cold water in winter and a cold atmosphere, but they did not specify the main reason for this, although it may seem difficult for many people; The idea seems impossible because a person can not stay under cold water even in the moderate atmosphere, but there are people who prefer to shower with cold water during all seasons of the year. [1]Cold water damage in winterThere are damages for bathing in cold water in winter, and it is natural that a person is exposed to cold and fever if he does not warm up immediately, or if the bathroom does not warm up; Cold water exposes his health to various problems, as soon as the water descends on the body of the person until he feels a sensation of shortness of breath and chills, and in rare cases, this can lead to the heart stop, especially if the person suffers from problems in the heart before, so it is advisable not to shower in cold water in winter in winter in winter. The result of this. [2]Advantages of bathing in cold waterAlthough there are damages to the bath in cold wate

2 damage to cold water in the winter

r, it also has advantages, which are: [3]Bathing with cold water reduces tension: it increases a person’s ability to adapt to difficult situations, reduces his uric acid levels, improves the levels of glutathione in his blood and makes him less tense for external effects.Cold water increases the ability of the person to wake up: if the person has the habit of showering early in the morning with cold water, he will have already been told what cold water feels on the body, then he takes a deep breath because of its intense The coldness and that increases the percentage of oxygen that enters the body, in addition to the increase in heartbeats, thus increasing the feeling of activity and energy to wake up and do a daily job.Improves the health of the skin and hair: one of the best things that leads to improve the health of the skin and hair is to bathe in cold water; it prevents the loss of natural oils, in addition to making them shine and dignified.It stimulates weight loss: the body contains two types of fat, one of which is brown, and it is a good fat that maintains moderate body temperature, while the second type is white in color and is the bad fat of the body, which does not dis

3 Benefits of bathing in cold water

appear quickly, and when bathing in cold water, the brown fat interacts leading to an increase in the energy needed to keep the body warm, thus burning fat and calories.Get rid of the problem of excessive sweat: it is possible to get rid of the problem of excessive assessment resulting from the high temperature and tension by bathing in cold water.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Cold water damage in the winter

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