Colors that suit brown skin

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Colors that suit brown skin – ” Content1 Tinting2 The right colors for brown skin3 referencesComplexionThe color of the skin is determined by the amount of melanin contained in the skin cells, and melanin is more in brown skin, and when the presence of melanin is few in the skin cells, the degree of complexion is light to medium, and it gives the fashion experts and cosmetics of the skin tone of the skin; For the extent of its effect on the appearance, the color types are divided into two parts, which are cold tone, and express light to medium skin, and warm degree and express brown skin, and cosmetic and fashion experts make products that depend on this skin degree, in addition to their dependence on the colors that correspond to each half of the year, because the colors of autumn and spring tend to warm sins, and in summer and winter, they tend to be cold Sins, and this article revolves around what suits the warm skin; That is, brown colors of clothing, hair and makeup. [1]The right colors for brown skinEveryone has a favorite color, but this color does not necessarily come from the collection of colors that deserve it, because the appropriate colors for the person add to the appearance more compliment be cho

2 The appropriate colors for the brown skin

sen according to the color of the skin, and this is clarified as follows: [2]The colors of clothing that suit the brown skinThe right color of the skin highlights the beauty of the skin, as the inappropriate color makes the skin pale, and the colors suitable for brown skin are: [2] [3]The red color.The orange color.Meprown Green.Degrees of brown color.Honey color.Golden color.Amber color.Dark gray brown color.The appropriate colors for the seasons of the yearWear clothes according to the color of the skin on time may seem boring and routine, so it is possible to add and coordinate certain pieces to the uniform so that they correspond to the seasons of the year, which are: [4]Summer semester: Purple, cool blue, pastel colors and soft neutrals offers with pink.Winter season: shades of blue or pink colors, or bright colors, such as white, black and dark blue.Spring: yellow, orange, mashshi and marjani.Fall: warm, deep colors like coffee, caramel, beige, red tomatoes and green.Hair dye colors suitable for brown skinChoosing the right color for hair can show a fresh and bright skin and hair colors suitable for brown skin, are: [4] [5]Yellow or golden degrees, dark brown, chestnut and co

pper red.Deep and rich colors such as purple red, and blond hair color based on the degree of honey.Caramel color, tofu, maple shades and Mahujni.Making colors up suitable for people with brown skinThere are several things to consider when applying makeup to brown skin, including:The faceThe skin must be taken care of; To look healthy and bright, in addition to following several ways to get a flawless makeup, and suitable for brown skin in particular, and the steps are: [6]Moisturizer: Brown skin suffers from dehydration and can tend to gray color if not moisturized properly, so moisturizer should be well applied on the face and body.Using an appropriate sunscreen for the skin type; So that the skin is not frequent UV rays, because some people believe that brown skin is not affected by the sun, and this is a misconception.Foundation: Search for a foundation appropriate for the complexion and limits its color.Corrector (disadvantages): The corrector should be applied in a triangular shape; The top of the triangle is on the cheekbones and its ribs towards the ends of the eyebrows; It is to hide flaws under the eyes and attract light in this area.Use a luminous cream in the cream and

applied under the eyebrow bone a little on the eyelid, a small dot in the middle of the cheekbone, luminous pressure on the forehead and some areas of the face that need lighting and chin.Bronze: The bronze in the shape of a C is applied from the strike to the face of the face on each side, on the forehead, nose and chin.The dark skin is dark in the forehead area and opens up in the center of the face, so the foundation can be applied in a way, namely:The first method: it is to apply a colored moisturizer, or a foundation cream that matches the color of the skin in the center of the face, and then using a copper bronze on the forehead and the face environment, and work to mix and combine the degree of facial center and the degree of forehead and the face environment.The second method: it uses a foundation with a degree of degree between the degree of lighter color and darker areas, and applied to all parts of the face.lipstickShades of deep lip colors are the colors that are suitable for brown skin, because light beef colors, warm lipstick or very bright do not correspond to brown skin, so the shades of brown, orange, apricot or middle Apricot or dark red, beige, coffee color, choc

olate color, soft pink, tibi and birchndi. [6]Eye makeupDark purple shades are beautiful on brown skin; Because the color of the eyes is often dark brown or honey, and the most beautiful colors are gold and bronze shades. Bright colors should be avoided, and you should choose light shades such as pink, brown and symbolic, which are complemented with mascara, and shades of blue, green, birchndi, mashti and copper can be chosen. [6]Red cheeksDarkness of any color give more brown compliments, and degrees of dark apricots, bronze, deep orange, pink and gold can be used. [6]Nail polishNail polish should be complementary to the color of the skin, taking into account the appropriate clothing and clothing, and keeping the nails clean and pruning it in regular periods, and for brown skin, pastel colors and light colors should be avoided. What is suitable for brown skin is:[7]Red color.Purple.Light orange color.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Colors that suit brown skin

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