Dedicity and nails care

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Dedicity and nails care – “Contents1 Hand and nail care2 How to take care of your hands3 How to take care of your nails4 referencesDECIDED CARE AND NAILSBeautiful and healthy hands and nails are among the most important things that distinguish women, and give them an elegant and beautiful appearance, and you need to take care of them and take care of them until they have two healthy and beautiful hands and nails Woman should know that its care with its hands and nails are not only an aesthetic problem, but rather a necessary problem to keep a healthy body, we will show how to take care of them.How to take care of the handsThere are several ways to take care of both hands, including:[1]Preserve the hands of two wet all the time, placing moisturizing and healthy creams.Put the cotton gloves on the hands throughout the night.Do not expose hands to low heat; because this dries the skin.Do not expose hands to harmful chemicals such as chlorine which dries them out and make sure you wear gloves when you need to use these substances.Eat healthy foods rich in skin vitamins and drink enough water dailyDo exercises that help maintain hand health and grace, such as:Squeeze the palms by making them in the form of two f

2 How to take care of the hands

ists, relaxing them after that and repeating the exercise ten times.Carry the hand of the hands with the forces and increase the misery for a few seconds, then relax it.Open the fingers and tighten them as much as possible.Exercise of tightening the rubber: Placing each end of the rope on a finger and repeating the exercise, passing the rope over all fingers.Put natural mixtures that help to nourish the hands and get rid of their dryness, such as:Make a mixture of olive oil and honey, massage the hands with it and leave for a sufficient period of time before washing it with the appropriate washing and health of harmful chemicals.Peel the hands by massaging them with coarse sugar mixed with almond oil or olive oil, then wash them with warm water.Mix almond oil with liquid honey and a dot of perfume, apply the mixture to the hands while massaging, and then wash them with warm water and healthy soap.Mix a quantity of sunflower oil and salt and rub them with the hands.He made a mixture of sweet almond oil, Moroccan clay and egg whites, and apply the hands with them, then wear the gloves and leave them for a while before washing them with warm water and medical soap.How to take care of

3 How to take care of nails

the nailsThere are several ways to take care of the nails, including:[2]Repeat the nails regularly and soak them with healthy soap and soap.Grease the area around the nails with a moisturizer.Make sure to remove impurities around the nails and take care of their internal hygiene so that the bacteria and fungi they eliminate are not gathered.Use medical preparations for nail care.Do not expose harmful chemicals.Make sure to get rid of the habit of biting the nails.Do not apply unhealthy nail polish and replace it with nail polish.Massage the nails with an ovarian toothpaste, until their color opens up.Soak nails daily with natural lemon juice.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Dedicity and nails care

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