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Devoted melasma – ” Contents1 costs2 remove deep costs3 Video on the treatment of melasmaCostDeep melasma is one of the types of melasma, which is a darkening or change of natural skin color in a dark color, and it appears in the form of irregular spots and with clear boundaries, and these spots are in small, medium and large sizes, and are caused by the secretion of melanin dye in large quantities, due to a high level, hormonal progesterone or estrogen in the body, and the appearance of these spots on the nose, cheeks and upper lip, on the neck and forehead, is one of the aesthetic problems dispersed in women more than men, and this problem happens that there are many methods of treatment.Deep cost deepeningCut a radish fruit and place an electric blender, add lemon juice and mix the ingredients well, until a firm paste is formed, then the paste is placed on the spots and left until it dries a permanent effective skin.Mix equal amounts of parsley juice, lemon juice, cranberry and orange juice, and wash the face with this mixture several times during the day, and it is important to know that parsley is an excellent natural herb in a great effectiveness to purify the skin of The melasma, so it is pos

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sible to wash the face with its juice alone.Mix a tablespoon of rose water and lemon juice in a glass of water, then wipe the spots of melasma, using a piece of cotton dipped in the mixture and leave the mixture on the spots for ten minutes, then clean the skin well, well, well, And it is best to use this recipe in the evening, and after all the use of moisturizing skin with a moisturizer.Wipe the skin with castor oil before going to bed and leave the oil on the skin throughout the night and in the morning, the skin must be cleaned of the effects of oil, because it has materials that work to redistribute the dye in the skin.Apply yogurt on the skin for two minutes, then wash the skin of it, daily and get rid even of melasma, because milk contains lactic acid that moisturizes and exfoliates the skin.Crush some strawberry fruit, apply the crocodile on the skin for twenty minutes, then clean the skin of the paste, because the strawberry is rich in citric acid effective in the treatment of melasma.Apply a capsule component of vitamin E, on the skin daily until the melasma spots allow permanently. Vitamin E helps in treating melasma, as it works to nourish the skin to get a healthy and

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tight skin.If the previous methods do not work with daily repetition for a long time, it is better to go to the doctor and take a prescription to treat this problem either with medical creams or by setting dates for the laser session.Video on melasma treatmentTo learn more about the costs and how to treat it, watch this video.Was the article helpful?

Devoted melasma

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