Do not forget your skin before bed

1 Drink water

Do not forget your skin before bed – ” Contents1 drink water2 Clean the skin before going to bed3 exposing the skin to steam4 moisturizing and sleep in the back5 referencesdrinking waterSome people believe that drinking water before bedtime is not liked; Because it worries the sleep of a person, but this is not true, because drinking water before bedtime helps to get rid of toxins in the body, in addition to the moisture that gives it to the body and skin, prevents the body and skin from dryness . [1]Cleaning the skin before bedSkin cleaning is essential to preserve the skin, but some women neglect to clean the skin before bedtime because of the extreme stress they feel, but in fact, cleaning the skin before bedtime and washing the face helps to get rid of bacteria and oils that the skin exposed during the day, which can cause dark spots if the face is not washed, not to mention that washing the face stimulates the work of cells renewed during the sleep period, adds moisture to the skin and delays wrinkles. [ 2]Exposing the skin to steamExposing the skin to steam by taking a hot bath for a few minutes clears the pores of the skin, which facilitates the process of cleansing, and gets rid of bacteria, oils, dirt and swe

2 Clean the skin before bed

at accumulated during the day, and it is Worth mentioning here that it is not allowed to expose the skin directly to steam by applying the face in front of it, but it can be either by taking a hot bath, and the skin is automatically exposed to steam, or by applying the Towel to hot water, and then gently raise the skin to clear the pores, and get rid of the dirt. [3]Moisturizing and sleeping on the backThe skin should be moistened before bed with moisturizers that increase the vitality of the skin, especially after washing and peeling the face, not to mention that the position of the moisturizer before bed reduces the redness to which the face may be exposed as a result of dryness or peeling, as sleeping on the abdomen or placing the face directly on the pillow leaves signs on the face in the morning, and presses the face in a way that allows wrinkles to increase, and the appearance of fine lines in the face and skin . [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 Exposing the skin to steam

4 moisturizing and sleeping on the back

Do not forget your skin before bed

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