Drill oil damage to the skin

1 Terrible almond oil for the skin

Drill oil damage to the skin – ” Contents1 terrible almond oil for the skin2 warnings using bitter almond oil3 Benefits of bitter almond oil for the skinDrinking almond oil for the skinBitter almond oil is one of the natural oils extracted from the almond tree with bitter fruit, and it is included in many cosmetics because of its many aesthetic benefits, as well as the realization of masks to solve different skin problems, and we will do so Show its benefits for the skin and the mixtures in which bitter almond oil enters, and then we will finally expose the warnings to use it.Warners use bitter almond oilBitter almond oil contains a fatal hydrogen cyanide, so it should be used in small amounts and with great caution, and a doctor should be consulted before using it.Babies, children and the elderly are prevented from using it.People with serious diseases are prevented from using it.Benefits of bitter almond oil for the skinIt maintains the health of the skin, gives it more beauty and radiance, because it maintains the degree of moisture, nourishes it and protects it from infections, due to its richness in vitamins, especially vitamin A, B, E.Reduces dark circles around the eyes, it can be applied to the skin unde

2 caveats using bitter almond oil

r the eyes before going to bed, at least twice a week.It prevents the appearance of signs of aging and protects the skin from wrinkles, renewing its cells and vital.It opens, cleanses the skin, removes its impurities and gets rid of dead skin, which is all produced from time, in addition to external factors such as exposure to dust, pollution or sweat.Reduces infections and stories, as it treats redness and cracks.Mask to protect the skin against wrinklesHeat two tablespoons of almond oil, add a small amount of vitamin E, then heat it a little and put it on the skin and rub it with.Leave it for ten minutes and wash it off with a cold pass.Skin lighting masksWe have chosen for you several ways to lighten the skin, which is the following:Crush five grains of almonds, then add a teaspoon of milk, a little lemon juice and a little chickpea, then put the mixture on the skin for half an hour and wash it with warm water.Mix a tablespoon of petroleum jelly with similar glycerin and the same of bitter almond oil, and then grease the mixture on the body immediately after the bath.Mix a tablespoon of bitter almond oil and a quarter of a tablespoon of wheat germ oil, then put them in a dark bo

3 The benefits of bitter almond oil for the skin

ttle, then use it daily to achieve the desired result.Redness and skin cracking maskMix two tablespoons of bitter almond oil with five points of chamomile oil and five points of lavender oil.We put the mixture on the skin more than once a day.Was the article useful?

Drill oil damage to the skin

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