Dry face care

1 Dry face care

Dry face care – “Contents1 Dry care2 How to take care of dry face3 How to choose the right moisturizer4 referencesDry face careDry face is the loss of moisture from the skin, and it is a common condition caused by several factors associated with weather and habits used, including: direct exposure to the sun, cold atmosphere in winter, bathing in hot water, using strong soap on the skin and not drinking enough water and others. There are many things to do to treat dry skin and restore their moisture by following healthy habits and using home remedies. [1]How to take care of a dry faceDry skin looks faded in color, red and scaly and calls for itching, and various cracks in the skin may show deep bleeding, and dry facial skin may indicate more serious symptoms. Determining the reason for dry skin is the best way to know how to get rid of it. While some ways to take care of dry skin come: [2]MoisturizerIn severe cases of dry skin, it is recommended to consult a doctor to follow the best way to moisturize it. But in general and for medium and mild cases that do not suffer from deep and bleeding cracks; The use of oils, preparations and creams helps to moisturize and soften the skin. It is recommended t

2 How to take care of the dry face

o use products that contain lactic acid and urea for their ability to save water in the skin. [2]Habits to followThere are a set of behaviors that cause facial dryness without paying attention, and while a set of habits that contribute to the maintenance of moisture in the skin of the face:[3]Reduce the time of shower, using hot water and not hot when bathing; Because hot water causes dry skin by removing natural oils.Wash the face gently and take into account that the face or soap does not contain strong substances such as alcohol and retinoids, nor alpha hydroxy acids. These unnecessary ingredients cause dry skin, irritation and even inflammation.Use a moisturizer that is not effective for the skin and does not contain alcohol, as these substances can cause skin irritation.Use moisturizing skin and soaps for the skin, which contain substances that do not cause irritation to sensitive skin.Use a lotion or soap without strong friction. Instead of using a brush or sponge, washing on the face with fingertips should be spread and rubbed gently.Avoid washing the face several times a day, preferably moisturizing after each wash.It is not recommended to exfoliate the skin daily, but it i

3 How to choose the appropriate moisturizer

s enough once or twice a week to reduce irritation and redness.Apply the appropriate moisturizer for the skin type, especially after bathing to maintain moisture, as it is informed that the moisturizer should be free of alcohol and perfumes.It is good that the moisturizer contains a sufficient degree of sunscreen to protect from sunlight that causes dry skin.Use of medicationIn case the skin is very dry, it is recommended to resort to a dermatologist, and he can prescribe a medical ointment or cream that contains the compound of corticosteroids, and improved barriers to the immune response of the body to an allergic thing, using the appropriate moisturizer as well as medicines that can decrease itching and bloating. But it should be noted that some of these materials are less effective or stop working when you use them for a long time, so it is good to follow and consult him to change them. [2]How to choose the right moisturizerFor dry skin, it is best to use a rich moisturizer that contains types of oils to help restore moisture. It is more effective in preventing water evaporation from the face. [4]the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Dry face care

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