Dry skin and how to take care of it

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Dry skin and how to take care of it – ” Contents1 dry skin2 general tips for the care and treatment of dry skin3 natural recipes for dry skin care4 causes of dry skin5 referencesDry skinIt is known that controlling the beauty of the skin, and taking care of it is a bit difficult to achieve when the skin is dry, and we do not mean dry skin by its nature only, but even for regular or oily skin can suffer from the problem of dryness from time to time, and this problem appears when the level of water or moisturizer in the upper layer of the skin decreases than the normal level you need, and then begins to break, peel off and show It is thin lines, or visible cracks, and there is no certain type of moisturizers that have the ability to moisturize dry skin and treat it for a long time. [1]General tips for dry skin care and treatmentThere are many things that should be followed for dry skin care and treatment, including:[2]Always moisturize the skin and repeated, and when the skin is wet.Change the type of moisturizer with changing seasons, so that a light type is used in summer that contains a sun protection coefficient and dense in winter.Choose an appropriate cleanser for the skin.Gently peel the skin.Reduce the use of ski

2 general tips for dry skin care and treatment

n treatments, such as acne and wrinkle treatments.Drink more water.Eat more fruits and vegetables.Eat foods that contain healthy fats.Take certain types of nutritional supplements.Reduce consumption of salty and fried foods.Stop smoking.Not over-shower.Put on sunscreen.Covering the body in winter.Natural recipes for dry skin careThere are many natural recipes that can treat and care for dry skin, including:[1]Aloe vera gelAloe vera gel treats dry skin; As it contains many properties that help retain moisture in the skin, as it stimulates collagen and elastin in the skin, which helps to restore skin softness and elasticity, in addition to this, the flake of Allefira helps to treat some skin problems, dermatology such as eczema and psoriasis; Thanks to its content of many anti-inflammatory properties, the method is: [1]Ingredients: a leaf of aloe vera plant.How to prepare:The aloe vera leaf is cut and the existing gel is extracted.Place it on the skin and massage it well until it is completely absorbed.Leave the skin on overnight.This recipe is repeated once a day and before sleeping.Note: The remaining jelly is kept under an air hose and placed in a cold place.Coconut oilCoconut oil

3 Natural recipes for dry skin care

helps to provide the skin with moisture and keeps it inside; Thanks to its healthy fatty acids, the method is: [1]Ingredients: Enough coconut oil.How to prepare:The oil is placed on dry areas in the skin.Leave the oil on the skin until it is completely absorbed.This recipe is repeated once, or twice a day if needed.Causes of dry skinThere are many reasons that make skin dry and scaly, including:[3]Excessive washing of the skin and repeat washing in very close times, such as washing the skin significantly and repeatedly removes the natural oils, and moisturizer, and it is enough to wash it with water once in the morning when bathing, and again Use detergent before going to sleep.Wash the skin with hot water, as washing the skin with hot water that strips it of natural oils and moisturizing, and this leads to the appearance of infections and irritation, and when bathing, it is best that the temperature of the water is as it is in hot pools and does not exceed 84 degrees Fahrenheit, because the skin is dried, it is essential to be high instead of rubbing it; This is to avoid eliminating it further.By using skin detergents that lead to an imbalance in the natural acidity of the skin,

4 causes of dry skin

as the skin tends to a slight acidity. This is to protect itself from bacteria and other environmental factors that can harm it, while the traditional soap is inclined to a basal acidity, causing an imbalance in the outer layer of the skin; For this reason, it is preferable to use a skin cleanser that is moderate in its degree of acidity, in order to match its acidity, or look for a detergent that only removes the dirt that accumulates there without harming it.Excessive exfoliation of the skin of the need, as the skin should not peel more than twice a week, and less than twice when the skin is dry, and it is very important to moisturize the skin after its exfoliation.Use an intense moisturizer for the skin instead of a light moisturizer, because the type of light moisturizer used to another type should be changed in its content in its content that the amount of oils according to the seasons; Because the skin decreases its moisture in winter and the moisture is less in the air compared to it in summer, a denser moisturizer should be used.By applying moisturizer on the skin at the wrong times, it is not the importance of the type of moisturizer used alone, but should also pay attenti

on to the time when it is placed, because the best time to apply it is when the skin is still wet; The skin can better absorb it.For not drinking enough water, as water is very important to effectively maintain the movement of fluids inside the capillaries.Not to eat healthy foods, rich in healthy fats, where healthy fats, omega -3 and omega -6 fatty acids keep the moisture inside the skin and foods rich in salmon fats and flax seeds.Certain skin diseases, such as eczema and psoriasis.Take specific types of medication.Genetics.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Dry skin and how to take care of it

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