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Dry skin care – ” Contents1 dry skin2 dry skin care3 tips for dry skin care4 causes of dry skin5 symptoms of dry skin6 referencesDry skinMany people suffer both men and women from the problem of dry skin, as skin drying occurs when the amount of water decreases in the layers of the skin, then thin scales form on the surface of the skin and accompanying cracks, and the feeling of presence of simple itching sometimes. As the body is usually exposed to several factors that affect it negatively and lead to dry skin, the most important of which are: weather factors such as cold weather, the side effects of certain medications and many others. Fortunately, there are many tips that are recommended to be applied, and their daily credit is adopted for dry skin care, and there are many sacrifices and sacrifices that help moisturize the skin and prevent its dryness. [1]Dry skin careMedical methods to treat dry skinTopical creams that come in the form of mirrors can be used to moisturize dry skin, and it is best if the number of hydrogen is less than 7, and these are topical creams:[2]Topical steroid.Topical calcineurin.Natural methods for dry skin careThere are many natural recipes that help take care of dry

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skin, including:Milk recipe: Milk is one of the beneficial substances for the health of the skin, because it contains acids that help to remove dead skin cells that accumulate there, and also contains whitening properties, prevents dry skin and help them keep moisture, and the way is: [[ 3]ingredients:4 tablespoons of milk.A few drops of rose water.A mixture of mixture.the way to prepare:The bowl is prepared and the ingredients are placed inside.Mix the ingredients well.The mixture is placed on the dry skin and left for 10 minutes.The skin is washed with cold water.The recipe is repeated twice a day.Coconut oil recipe: Coconut oil is considered a natural moisturizer, as it is rich in fatty acids that help moisturize the skin, prevent its dryness, and the way is: [3]Ingredients: An appropriate amount of coconut oil.How to prepare:Coconut oil is applied to dry skin, immediately after bathing (the oil is easily absorbed when the skin is warm).The recipe is repeated daily for satisfactory results.Aloe vera recipe: aloe vera enters many recipes that concern the skin, especially dry, because it contains soothing and moisturizing properties, and also helps to remove dead skin cells from

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the skin, which accelerates its recovery and the way is:[4]ingredients:Fresh aloe vera paper.Abstract tool.Electric blender.the way to prepare:The aloe vera leaf is opened, using the scraping tool, which pulls out the gel inside.The gel is placed in the electric blender and mixed for the juice.The aloe vera juice is placed on the dry skin and left for 20 minutes.The skin is rinsed with lukewarm water.Repeat the recipe once or twice a day.Tips for caring for dry skinSeveral tips are recommended for applying dry skin care, including:[5]Skin peeling: it is recommended to exfoliate dry skin, but with caution, peeling is important to remove the accumulated dead skin cells, which helps the skin to absorb any moisturizer on it, so the peeling should be pleasant while avoiding severe rubbing, and it is best to use a clean cloth for this purpose.Washing the skin: In the case of dry skin, it is recommended that the number of times to take a shower is not overwhelmed, because frequent washing of the skin is stripped of natural oils important to moisturize it, which exposes it more for dehydration, so it is best to shower once a day or once every two days. It is also necessary to pay attention

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to the quality of the user soap, so that as much as possible, it contains moisturizing materials in its composition. After bathing, it is best to gently dry the skin, using a towel or soft cloth, or let the skin dry alone with air, because the overflow of the skin loses much moisture. It is recommended to apply the skin with a moisturizer to compensate for the oils it has lost while washing it.Protect the skin from the cold air: the weather that contains cold air is one of the most important causes of dry skin, the cold air loses the skin moisturizer, so it is necessary to protect the skin by wearing warm clothes that protect from the cold air such as gloves and socks, and scarves can also be worn also for this purpose.Drinking water: it is recommended to drink the recommended amount of water to consider the type of skin. But in the case of dry skin, the amount of water that should be drunk should be increased, because of the important water to keep the body moist, and thus maintain the health of the skin, so it is recommended to drink 8 or more cups of water per day in the case of dry skin.Following a healthy diet: it is important to eat foods rich in nutrients essential for skin

health, so they contain important vitamins, especially vitamin A and vitamin E, and should also contain omega -3 fatty acids, and these elements can be found in islands, turnip and salmon, olive oil and almonds.Protect the skin from sunlight: when the skin is dry, care should not be excessively exposed to the sun, as these rays increase their dryness and damage. Therefore, dry skin must be protected from the sun, especially harmful UV, by placing a sunscreen with a protection lab 15 or 30. It is also recommended to wear clothes that protect the body from its harmful radiation.Get enough sleep: sufficient sleep is necessary for tired skin, especially dry. It provides the body for relaxation and comfort, which helps to replenish the skin cells, and thus accelerates its recovery and making the skin healthy, so sleep is recommended for 7 to 8 hours a day.Causes of dry skinThere are factors that affect the skin and make it dry, including: [6]Hot bathrooms: Sometimes, many people resort to bathing in hot water, and the sprinkling of water negatively affects the skin and causes its dryness.Air factors: cold weather is one of the causes of dry skin, due to low temperatures and humidity th

at affect the skin and cause dryness, and a decrease in hydration.Certain skin diseases: the skin sometimes suffers from certain diseases that cause dehydration, including eczema.Swimming pools: Swimming leads to constant exposure to the skin, especially if these ponds contain a high percentage of chlorine.Certain detergents: Some people resort to the use of certain detergents, such as Gang, which consists of harsh chemicals on the skin, and can make them dehydrate.High heat: Central heat or firewood, and other means that homes heat can reduce the level of moisture in the air, which affects its role in the skin and dry it.Aging: The older the age of the man, the older the dehydration of the skin. [3]Genetics: Genetic factor may play a role in skin drying, especially if the family has dry skin. [3]Lack of nutrition: following an unhealthy system does not have essential nutrients undoubtedly affects the health of the skin and exposes it to dehydration. [3]Symptoms of dry skinThere are symptoms that affect the skin and indicate its dryness, including:[6]Roughness of the skin texture.The presence of peeling on the skin.Itchiness.Redness of the skin or its color turns gray.Cracks in the

skin with bleeding.Feeling tension in the skin, especially after bathing.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Dry skin care

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