Eliminate melasma on the face

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Eliminate melasma on the face – ” Contents1 costs1.1 Getting rid of costsCostIt is the pigmentation found in the skin in general and can appear on the face, arms, neck or legs in the form of brown spots whose size ranges from small to medium, and it differs in several degrees from the basic skin color, and it appears when there is a hyper in the secretion of melanin dye, it is a common skin problem in both sexes.The main cause of melasma infection and not uniting with the color of the skin in general as we have mentioned is the melanin dye, in which a defect occurs due to internal factors, such as hormonal changes in the body, such as pregnancy, health problems or exposure to emotional Stress or external factors such as exposure to a lot of sun or use chemicals.Meals do not cause health problems for the skin, but it does cause embarrassment and discomfort for people who suffer from it. The ways to get rid of it are many and very easy, and in this article we will mention the most important and effective of these methods.Getting rid of costsLemon: It contains citric acid that helps to whiten the skin, which makes it the best home remedy to get rid of skin pigmentation in general, and costs in particular, and simply

1.1 Get rid of costs

paint the area affected by melasma with a little lemon juice, and then wash The face with warm water, but those who have sensitive skin must be. They should reduce the lemon juice with a little water before applying it to the face.Apple cider vinegar: One of the most effective substances to reduce the appearance of the problem of melasma, where there are skin maintenance properties, and helps to lighten and even out the color of the skin, mixing a tablespoon of vinegar with a tablespoon of water, then wiping The mixture on the melasma and washing the face after several minutes, this method is repeated twice a day until the desired results.Vitamin E: This is the most important type of vitamin that is processed, moisturizing and maintaining the skin, being an anti-oxidant, reduces the effect of harmful ultraviolet sunlight, restores and protects the skin cells, perforate a capsule of vitamin E and paint the face before going to bed, then washed the face the next morning, and this process is repeated daily for two or three weeks.Turmeric: It contains properties that whiten the skin and help the skin to remain clear and free of all different skin problems, as it mixes the amount of a

tablespoon of turmeric powder and lemon juice, wipe the face and then leave for twenty minutes, Then wash the face, this process is restored daily to get faster results, and sun exposure should be avoided one hour after applying the turmeric mixture on the face.Was the article useful?

Eliminate melasma on the face

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