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1 face whitening

Face whitening – ” Contents1 face whitening2 mixture of milk and cucumber to whiten the face3 mixture and mixture of honey to whiten the face4 mixture of banana and lupine to whiten the face5 mixture of flour and milk to whiten the faceWhitening of the faceSome women suffer from pallor in the color of the skin, and their blacks are as a result of a meeting of several factors, and therefore the whitening of the face has become one of the things to which many women resort and modern technologies used for whitening have become many and varied, and the best is present in specialized cosmetic centers that use the devices that remove the grains. On the face and its effects, and also eliminates unwanted hair from the face with the help of laser, but there are women who do not prefer To use modern technologies, but rather resort to homemade mixtures in natural materials, and we will mention in this article the best of these mixtures.Milk and cucumber mixture to whiten the faceIngredients and ingredientsTwo tablespoons of Johnson powder for children.One spoonful of rose water.One tablespoon of milk.Half a cup of cucumber juice.Two tablespoons lemon juice.Two tablespoons of white flour.directions for useThes

2 Milk mixture and cucumber to whiten the face

e ingredients are placed in a special bowl and mixed well.This mixture is placed on the face for half an hour.Wash the face with warm water, then with cold water until the pores of the skin are closed.It is best to use this mixture once or twice a week.Centile and honey mixture to whiten the faceIngredients and ingredientsYellow seeds.One teaspoon of dry thyme.Spoonful of honey.Two tablespoons of milk.Spoon of chickpeas.directions for useThe thyme and chickpeas are placed inside the grain of the melons.The grain of the smell is dried for two weeks.Grind the smell grain until it becomes a soft powder.Mix the resulting powder with honey and milk and put on the face for half an hour.Rub the powder in a circular manner on the face, like peeling cream to remove dead skin cells.This powder is used twice a week.Banana and lupine mixture to whiten the faceIngredients and ingredientsBanana Love.One tablespoon of ground lupin.One tablespoon of chickpeas.One tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.One quarter tablespoon of vitamin E.Use of the useMix the ingredients and leave until blended for five minutes to form a powder.The powder is placed on the face and neck for half an hour.This powder is us

3 mixture and honey mixture to whiten the face

ed twice a week.Mix flour and milk to whiten the faceIngredients and ingredientsThree tablespoons of flour.Two tablespoons of fresh milk.Lemon juice.directions for useMix the ingredients and apply on the skin for a third of an hour; It is useful for oily skin.Wash the face with lukewarm water, then with cold water.There are brands that are used to whiten the skin, including L’Oreal’s Rosie Transburnet and White Perfum, and the Body Shop’s Vitamin E, Vitamin C or Clarence.Was the article useful?

4 banana and lupine mixture to whiten the face

Face whitening

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