Facial whitening masks

1 mask honey and yogurt

Facial whitening masks – ” Contents1 honey and yogurt mask2 aloe vera gel mask with orange peel3 potato juice mask4 referencesHoney and yogurt maskThe honey and yogurt mask gets the skin moisturized, and purifies it of bacteria and nourishes it, and the milk contains enzymes that help clear the skin, as the honey increases the skin’s moisture and softness, and it has antiseptic properties, Preferably using illegitimate yogurt so that the mask mixture does not tend to be viscosity, honey can also be replaced by avocado, or you can use oleofira gel, both of which have a wonderful moisturizing effect, attend the honey and yogurt mask with the following steps: [1]Mix two equal amounts of honey and yogurt, and the mixture is spread on the skin of the face and body together.Leave the mixture for fifteen minutes, then rinse and wash with warm water.Aloe vera gel mask with orange peelOlvira mask is used with orange peel and juice to whiten the skin, as well as this mask nourishes the skin and reduces the formation of fine lines, signs of aging and wrinkles, the mask is prepared with the following steps: [2]Mix two tablespoons of fresh olevira gel extracted from the leaves of aloe vera, with a tablespoon of orange

2 Aloe vera gel mask with orange peel

juice and peels.The mixture is applied to the skin and left for ten minutes.The face is washed with water, and it is repeated two to three times a week.Potato juice maskThe potato juice mask is a simple mask that is a soothing skin, gives the beauty of the skin and opens it up as it contains nutritional vitamins and antioxidants, as it is rich in vitamin C in large quantities, oxidants present with young potatoes for the skin and make them beautiful and bright, get rid of dead skin cells and regenerate them, and helps the potato juice on the whitening and peeling of the skin once, the ingredients of the mask are simple and are a washed potato and cut into small slices, and it is Applied to the skin and left for fifteen minutes to twenty minutes, then rinse the face, use the mask three times a week, but it is possible that it causes the dryness of the skin, so it is better to moisturize the skin after finishing the application of the mask.the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 mask potato juice

Facial whitening masks

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