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Fenugreek oil to fattens face – ” Contents1 facial beauty2 exercises to test the face3 fenugreek oil to test the face4 Benefits of fenugreek oil in general5 Caution fenugreek oil consumption6 Multiple recipes for fattening the face7 fenugreek oil for fat mass8 referencesBeauty of the faceThe face is a mirror of man; therefore, many people who have a skinny face prefer to fatten them, especially females, and some may undergo cosmetic surgeries and facial injection operations to get the desired result in a short time their problem in addition to practicing some of the fattening face exercises. [1]There is no doubt that the results of applying natural mixtures and exercise to fatten the face do not guarantee inevitable results, except that their application, even if it does not fulfill the desired purpose, does not hurt, and the face can be given freshness and vitality. [1]Sports exercises to test the faceThere are sports exercises that are recommended to practice the face of the face, and these exercises are the breathing exercise that depends on breathing a large amount of air until the cheeks swell and the mouth can be inflated with air, Expanding and reducing the cheeks, and carrying air inside the mouth from on

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e side to the other while maintaining its entrapment inside (INHALE) for a period of 15 seconds, and then carrying it out outside (zafir), and this process is repeated five times in a line. [1]Natural products that engorge the face include the shea plant, apples, aloe vera, honey, rose water and milk, [1] and fenugreek, which has been shown to be effective in fattening the face. [2]Fenugreek oil to test the faceFenugreek oil has multiple aesthetic benefits because of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that purify the body of toxins and impurities, fight infections, protect the health of the liver and other organs and support its functions, and the skin is one of the most important parts of the body This reflects the effectiveness of antioxidants and its effect in the body; As antioxidants protect it from damage and improves their health, freshness and youth. [3] [4] [5]In addition to the effectiveness of fenugreek oil in maintaining the health and vitality of the skin, it gives the skin, especially the face aesthetic because of its vitamin C, which contributes and stimulates the production of collagen, which in turn tightens the skin and closure and fills the sinuses that have

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formed there due to time and environmental factors such as age.Fenugreek oil also contains diocyanin; This is a compound similar to the estrogen hormone as mentioned above, which in turn gives fullness and freshness to the skin, as it contains the protein that prepares the basic building block for muscle building, including the facial muscles. [3] [4] [5]One of the mixtures that can be applied to the face to fat, it is a mixture of fenugreek powder with water, mixing the fenugreek powder with a small amount of water to form a coherent paste, then apply it to a clean face and make A massage in it, it was left on the face for 10 minutes before washing it with water, a massage of the skin can also be made by fenugreek oil once a day to get the required results. [1]Benefits of general ring oilThe fenugreek plant contains high concentrations of antioxidants and many active vehicles in all parts of the plant, as well as vitamin C, B3, potassium and diococein similar to its composition and work for estrogen, in addition to containing fiber, and returns the The reason for the smell of fenugreek is distinctive because it contains the chemical compound of suuteulone, and due to its content

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of the above active compounds and many other elements, minerals, vitamins and materials, it has many medical, therapeutic and cosmetic uses such as skin treatment and respiratory diseases, [3] [4] and fenugreek oil has many benefits, including the following:It protects the body from chronic infections and relieves the symptoms of arthritis as a result. [4]It helps generate milk in nursing mothers by drinking boiled grains along with fenugreek oil. [4]Reduces psychological and physical symptoms associated with menopause and helps relieve menstrual symptoms such as pain and associated nuances. [4]Helps with digestive system problems such as constipation due to its good dietary fiber content. [4]It reduces the level of low-density cholesterol (bad cholesterol) in the blood, and it also increases the levels of high-density cholesterol (good cholesterol) and reduces the level of triglycerides in the blood. [5]Supports and improves sexual ability and activity. [4]Insulin is organized in the body and reduces blood sugar levels. [4] [5]It stimulates hair growth and strengthening. [4]It treats many skin problems and diseases such as eczema, boils and burns. [5]Wrinkles and signs of skin agi

ng are diffused. [4]Consumption of fenugreek oil despisedThe circuit is a safe food for people, but there are caveats that must be considered when consumed, including the following: [5]Consuming high doses of fenugreek can cause stomach pain and painful gas in the intestine.Pregnant women and infants should avoid eating the plant in its forms (seeds, leaves and theirs) to avoid abortion due to its uterine stimulating properties in some women.The fenugreek plant may interact with diabetics and insulin medications; therefore, it is advisable to consult a physician before beginning to include the circuit in the diet program for diabetic patients.Several recipes for facial fatteningThere are many prescriptions used to fatten the face, including:[1]Shea butter and sugar: mixing 250 milligrams of melted shea butter with 185 milligrams of sugar to obtain a homogeneous misery, then chill in the refrigerator, then masked with a clean face with circular motions, and left for five minutes before washing it with warm water .Apples: Apples can be consumed in its natural form, or make apple juice, carrots, lemon and drink it daily, or by massaging the face with apple mockery and leaving it for a

bout an hour before washing it with warm water.Aloe vera: The face is massaged with aloe vera with circular motions, and leaves a period ranging between an hour and a half, and the juice can be drunk every morning to achieve satisfactory results.Rose water and glycerein: preparing a mixture of them and applying it on the face before going to bed.Honey: By asking it on the face and consuming it through the mouth, and inserting it in the natural face fattening mixtures.Milk: it can be drunk and massaged with cold milk daily.Fenugreek oil for fat massTo know more about fenugreek oil for fattening face, watch the video.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Fenugreek oil to fattens face

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