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Flaming acne – ” Contents1 Definition of inflamed acne2 Types of inflamed acne3 Treatment of inflamed acne4 referencesDefinition of inflamed acneInflamed acne is known as a love that is produced due to the blockage of deep pores; Due to oils and bacteria, dead skin cells have accumulated on the skin, as well as swelling and redness that appear on the skin. [1]Types of inflamed acneWe mention the types of acne that are inflamed below: [1]Inflamed comedones: it is similar to its shape, swollen blackhead and white heads. [1]Papules: It is a red pill with PUS,[1] and it is formed as a result of inflammation in the follicle. [2]Puscules: it looks like areas but they are larger [1] and occurs due to the body’s defense against bacteria, sending white blood cells to do so, and it is advisable to stay away from the pressure on the pimples in the skin, where the The situation will get worse. [2]Nodules: These are pipes with pus, and they are under the skin [1] and are produced due to the rupture of the follicle deep in the skin of the skin, and it is very painful. [2]Cysts: This is the most dangerous among the previous species, and they are under the skin, and they are full of pus, and are characterized by

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a large, and particularly painful when they touch them. [1]Treatment of inflamed acneIt is possible to treat and relieve the pain of inflamed acne by following these steps: [3]Topical anesthesia for inflamed youngsters to reduce pain and redness, and it is by placing an ice cube on the grains for several minutes.Wash the skin with a lotion that contains salicylic acid, while making sure to leave it on the skin for a minute before washing.Application of topical cream on inflamed acne with a composition that contains benzwell peroxide; Due to its ability to kill bacteria that cause acne.Dispensing cortisone cream to inflamed acne directly and daily; to get rid of the effects of these pills.Protect oily skin from sunlight by applying sunscreen on it.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

3 Treatment of inflamed acne

Flaming acne

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