Get rid of acne and its effects forever

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Get rid of acne and its effects forever – ” Contents1 acne2 tips to reduce acne3 acne treatment4 acne treatments at homeAcneAcne appears on several areas of the body, which causes inconvenience, especially if it is on the face, which is a common skin condition that can affect all ages, especially during adolescence, and it can be described as a skin disease resulting from the blockage of The skin is due to the accumulation of skin oils that come out of the sebaceous glands of the skin, in addition to the dead skin cells, which provides a suitable environment for the reproduction of a type of anaerobic bacteria leading to the appearance of pimples.Tips for relieving acneUsing a daily face wash, especially those with oily skin or cleansing the face with soap and water.Reducing the use of makeup, preferring to remove it with soap and water when applied.Avoid severe scrubbing of the skin, as bacteria will enter the pores.Reduce consumption of fatty foods such as fried potatoes, nuts and chocolate.treatment of acneWhen it is in its early stages, it is best to use daily facial washing to get rid of facial oils and dirt accumulated in the pores.When it is in the middle stage of its spread, whether on the face, back or shoulders,

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it is best to use certain ointments containing sulfur and salicylic acid that are available in pharmacies in addition to the use of antibiotics.In the later stages, it is only recommended to see a doctor; it is usually used as blue or red rays or laser rays.Acne treatments at homeLemon juice: It is used by soaking a piece of cotton with it, then it is passed on the pimples for a period not exceeding ten minutes, then wash the face with warm water followed by cold water.Almond oil, aloe vera oil, grape oil and rose water: all oils are mixed with equal amounts, then placed directly on the places where the pills appear and leave until the skin is completely absorbed.Water and salt: It is recommended to use this treatment by those who have oily skin and it is not recommended to use it at all for those who suffer from dry skin, as it dries the skin and relieves it of the fat accumulated on the surface.Chamomile: Chamomile is boiled for five minutes and left until it becomes lukewarm and then rinses the skin; it also helps to filter the skin.The mixture of yogurt and potato: mix the amount of yogurt with a little boiled potato water, then put the skin and let it dry completely before rin

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sing with warm water.Option: It is recommended to massage the clean face with cold cucumber slices daily, then wash it with warm water; For the option is a great effectiveness to get rid of bacteria stuck in the pores and cause acne.Was the article useful?

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Get rid of acne and its effects forever

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