Get rid of acne effects

1 Get rid of acne effects

Get rid of acne effects – ” Contents1 Getting rid of the effects of acne1.1 Honey1.2 Aloe Vera1.3 Lemon1.4 Vitamin EGet rid of the effects of acneMany are subjected to medicinal treatments and natural treatments of various types to get rid of the problem of acne pills that look annoying on the face of other areas of the body, but they may leave some of the effects and signs that are distorted in the view , because it is difficult to accept the existence of these effects on the face, so we are presented in this area, the article is some of the ways that help them to get rid of it permanently.the honeyHoney contains high levels of vitamin and acids that help the growth of the skin and form new cells in a uniform color, and get rid of scars and spots that some pills leave after they disappear, in addition to a number of materials that fight For the presence of bacteria on the skin, which lead to young pills, preferably the fatty honey is on the face alone without mixing it with other substances, to make the skin to absorb the most amount of its useful honey elements, without being Concerned about the absorption of other materials that are added to it.Aloe veraAloe vera contains special elements that are hard t

1.1 Honey

o find anywhere, and these elements help to treat skin irritation and infections that live in it, as well as to reduce the effects and signs that acne pills leave, it is known that the aloe vera plant contains Levels of juice, this juice is used to eliminate these effects, following the following:Wear thick gloves in the hands to protect them from the spines of aloe vera.Carefully peel off the cactus.Put the cactus pulp in the blender and hit it hard until it completely crushes.Drain the cactus juice from the hard seeds.Grease the aloe vera juice onto the skin, concentrating on the scarring areas.It remains on the skin until it is completely absorbed, then cleanse well.LemonIt is known to many to use lemon to brighten the skin and increase its purity. The positive effect of lemon on the skin can be used to get rid of the effects of grains, through:The era of a lemon, then filter it from the seeds.Spread the lemon juice on the skin, using a piece of cotton or a clean cotton cloth.Focus on the places of grain stains.It remains on the skin to dry, then clean well.Vitamin EVitamin E increases the skin’s ability to form collagen, which helps renew affected cells and eliminate fine lines

1.2 Aloe vera

, and vitamin E is available in many natural oils such as jojoba oil, or in the form of nutritional supplements, warns the use of vitamin E on Prominent and active grains to prevent inflammation, it is sufficient to use it on the effects of grains.Was the article useful?

1.3 Lemon

Get rid of acne effects

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