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Get rid of black pimples – “Contents1 blackheads2 simple ways to treat blackheads3 ways to treat severe blackheads4 natural ways to get rid of blackheads5 referencesBlackheadsBlackheads or blackheads are common skin problems in men and women of all ages, and are considered a type of acne, which are open bumps filled with dead skin and excessive oils, which are the result of the accumulation of natural fats that the sebaceous glands produce, in addition to the ocean dirt in the pores, the opening of the body, which causes irritation of the hair follicles, and sunlight causes the colors of these dark spots, as it can appear in the area of the nose, chin or the entire face, in addition to certain areas of the body, such as the back and chest. [1]Simple ways to treat blackheadsBlackheads can be removed by the following active substances: [2]”Salxylic acid”: a lotion or a scrub containing this acid can be purchased to get rid of blackheads, as it has proven effective in removing a layer of dead skin, and prevents the blockage of hair follicles, and in turn prevents the occurrence of blackheads and reduces them.Azelaic acid: This acid is naturally found in wheat, barley and corn. It is also available in products a

2 simple ways to treat black pimples

nd is effective in killing bacteria and germs on the skin, and reducing irritation and swelling.Benzoyl Peroxide: This effective ingredient is available in many products; for its effectiveness in targeting and killing bacteria, which helps reduce blackheads.Retinoid (Vitamin A derivatives): Vitamin A derivatives are distributed in many products, which have gained popularity due to its clear results in eliminating black and white heads and preventing them from blocking the pores.Ways to treat severe blackheadsThe severity of the condition of blackheads may require medical intervention, or the intervention of a skin specialist, and the best suggestions for this condition come:[2]High focus retinoid products: If the desired benefit is not obtained from the use of low focus retinoids, a high focus can be obtained for better results, but they must consult a specialist and prescription.Crystal peeling: it is done by ejaculating very small crystal granules, with the aim of exfoliating the skin deeply, removing the surface layers of fat that cause clogged pores and the appearance of blackheads.Oral antibiotics: These antibiotics can reduce the bacteria that cause blackheads.Chemical peel:

3 ways to treat severe black pimples

This peel is effective in using a beautiful chemical solution that can remove the layers of dead skin and reduce blackheads.Laser: Laser peeling is effective in removing blackheads, losing lightning, to reduce the amount of oil produced by the sebaceous glands that cause them.Natural ways to get rid of blackheadsTea tree oil: Tea tree oil is known by the name of its anti-bacterial and inflammatory properties, as it is one of the common solutions for mild to moderate acne and medium blackheads, and products that contain can be used to get the maximum benefits. [3]Oatmeal toner: Oatmeal is famous for its anti-inflammatory properties, and its effectiveness in exfoliating the skin, making it an effective natural ingredient for getting rid of acne and blackheads. [3]Turmeric: Turmeric includes anti-inflammatory properties, bacteria and fungi, which makes it suitable for solving the problem of grains and blackheads, making a paste of turmeric powder with water and putting it on the face for 10-15 minutes before rinsing. [4]Sugar, honey and lemon: a brown or white sugar peel can be made with honey and lemon, and use it to peel blackheads with a circular motion for 5 minutes and moisturize

4 Natural ways to get rid of black pimples

the skin after it. [4]Green tea: because it contains antioxidants and its effectiveness in controlling the skin secretion of oils, it is not recommended to mix a teaspoon of green tea leaves, a teaspoon of water and massage the area for three minutes, and this scrub is used two or three times a week. [4]the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Get rid of black pimples

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