Get rid of blackheads in the nose

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Get rid of blackheads in the nose – ” Contents1 blackheads2 reasons for the appearance of blackheads3 Get rid of blackheads4 referencesblackheadsBlackheads are among the problems that are widely distributed in many girls, especially in the area of the nose, chin, forehead and around the lips, and this problem leads significantly to the impact on the aesthetic appearance of the face. Black heads are originally regular pills, but without an outer layer separating them from the ocean, they became in direct contact with the air, which led to the oxidation of the sticky material and its transformation into black. [1]The reasons for the emergence of blackheadsAll skin types suffer from oily secretions, but the large number of these secretions is the main cause of the appearance of blackheads. When these secretions, if accompanied by neglecting the cleanliness of the face, lack of attention and skin care, leads to dryness and oxidation of these oxidants and turn them into black. In addition, the remains of makeup and dead cells that collect on the skin block the pores, become black and the appearance of blackheads increases in the area of the chin, forehead and nose. [2]Getting rid of blackheadsSince the problem of blackhea

2 Reasons for the appearance of blackheads

ds appears due to bad daily habits and poor skin care and health, follow some daily habits can save us from this problem before their object, or at least can reduce their impact, and some habits that help prevent blackheads: [3]Drinking water: the human body needs one and a half to two liters of water per day, because water dissolves fat and reduces its gatherings in the body, as it gives freshness and vitality to the skin.Use sunscreen and moisturizer for the skin before using cosmetics, as it reserves the skin and makeup and protects the skin.Avoid using preparations containing alcohol; in fact, it dries the skin and thus stimulates it to increase the production of sebaceous secretions.Constantly keep the skin clean and use a lotion for the skin type twice a day, which removes the remains of makeup and dirt and prevents it from gathering on the skin.Eat healthy foods rich in proteins, vitamins and nutrients, as these elements increase the skin and the vitality of the skin, thus reducing fatty secretions.Periodically exfoliate the skin, exfoliation is important to get rid of dead cells.Do not share towels and cosmetics with anyone, as it transmits infection and worsens the situati

3 Get rid of blackheads

on.Avoid touching the face with your hands because hands contain large amounts of dirt and germs.To not try to remove blackheads using the hand, because this increases the problem, pushes the blackheads up and there remains an oily substance below, which can turn into red pills.Continue to wash the face constantly, which prevents the dirt.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Get rid of blackheads in the nose

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