Get rid of blackness under the eye

1 Use of Ritonoid products

Get rid of blackness under the eye – ” Contents1 Use of ritonoid products2 Use skin lighting products3 Sleep for enough hours during the night4 eat foods rich in collagen5 tea bags6 referencesUse of ritonoid productsBased on the statements of a dermatologist in New York, “Rachel Nazrian”, the use of products containing retinol frequently leads to help stimulate the production of collagen, and thus increase the strength of the skin and rid it of dark circles, and adds to this as a dermatologist at Neuruchil “”Patricia”” Cibalos “”Retinoids contribute to the reconstruction of skin collagen and thus contributing to the support of blood vessels in the area and restore the size and cohesion of the skin, and These products can be easily found in pharmacies. [1]Use of skin-lighting productsFlash and sunlight preparations are used in the case where the dark is under the eye due to the increase in pigmentation, either as a result of rubbing the skin or due to its exposure to the sun, so it is advisable to use a topical Skin lighting products such as vitamin C, kojic acid and licorice extract, as it helps over time to reduce the skin dyes, thus lightening the dark circles. [1]Sleep for enough hours during the nightIt is recomme

2 Use skin lightening products

nded to sleep for at least 8 hours; Because sleeping for hours will help to purify the skin and thus reduce the appearance of circles and darkness under the eyes, and it is advisable that adults sleep between seven to eight hours a day at night, and in case of sleep problems, it It is advisable to follow the following tips: [2]Make a sleep schedule or time to sleep and wake up.Avoid drinks that contain caffeine about 6 to 12 hours before bedtime.Don’t eat a meal two hours before bedtime.Turn off cell phones, electronics and television one hour before bedtime.Eat foods rich in collagenThe muscles and tissues that support the eyelids are weakened with aging, so it is advisable to increase the consumption of foods rich in vitamin C and amino acids, with the aim of increasing the body’s ability to absorb hyilrane acid “”which is the essential acid that is naturally present in the body, but its amount decreases with age “”and thus increases collagen production and improving the health of the skin, orange, red bell pepper, cabbage, strawberry and broccoli are nutritional sources rich in vitamin C.Tea bagsTea bags help fight infections and relieve bloating and dark circles, and tea bags a

3 Sleeping for enough hours during the night

re prepared by making a cup of tea, then put wet bags in the refrigerator and leave them until cool, then lie down, close your eyes and apply tea bags on them for several minutes. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

4 Eat foods rich in collagen

Get rid of blackness under the eye

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