Get rid of dark circles permanently

1 Determine and solve the cause of the problem

Get rid of dark circles permanently – “Contents1 Determine and solve the cause of the problem2 Change the daily lifestyle3 sun cream4 referencesDetermining and solving the cause of the problemSome people suffer from the appearance of dark circles around the eyes due to several causes such as allergies, eczema or other skin diseases, or due to nasal congestion or iron deficiency; therefore, it is best to perform the necessary checks and consult a specialist, to determine the reason for the formation of dark circles. For example, in case of nasal congestion, antihistamines are prescribed to treat the problem of congestion and in the Event that the dark circles remain, other examinations are carried out and the doctor advises the doctor “Yael Halas” in medicine to carry out an examination in iron with a blood test; Because its deficiency also causes the appearance of dark circles around the eyes, and if the problem is determined, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment or nutritional supplements. [1]Change the daily lifestyleThe practice of some erroneous daily habits leads to the appearance of dark circles, so the daily behavior pattern should be changed; While a reduction in the hours of staying late and get

2 Changing the daily lifestyle

ting enough sleep during the night period is estimated to be seven to nine hours, the lack of sleep increases the darkness under the eyes, makes the skin pale, reduces the blood circulation activity. Alcoholic beverages, In addition to eating vitamins that support the work of the adrenal gland such as vitamin B6, and the need to drink sufficient amounts of water throughout the day, and avoid smoking to avoid vascular problems, and set the time to relax, in general, the condition and Skin color may indicate organic physical diseases or psychological and emotional diseases. [2]sun creamDr. Naza Ryan shows that one of the reasons leading to the emergence of black cases is hyperpigmentation due to excessive exposure to the sun without the use of sun cream Clear that the best solution to treat it is to continue to use products that open the area under the eyes and reduce skin pigmentation, such as vitamin C, licorice extract and kojic acid, taking care to apply sunscreen before going out and “”Tong”” is built using sunscreen products that enter its components, its titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 sunscreen

Get rid of dark circles permanently

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