Get rid of darkening of hands

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Get rid of darkening of hands – ” Contents1 clean hands and feet2 hands to lighten the hands3 red onions4 lemon juice5 referencesCleaning and feetIt is recommended to clean the hands and feet daily; In order not to accumulate in the middle of them, and this works to block the pores of the skin, as this prevents the appearance of pimples and gives the skin glasses and vitality, and soap and water can only be used to clean the skin without the need to buy expensive skin detergents. [1]Brightening creamsMany products and creams are specially available to lighten the skin and can be found in cosmetics or various pharmacies, and the principle of its work is to reduce the percentage of melanin in the skin; This reduces the pigmentation of the skin and be careful when using these creams; Due to its association with many risks; Therefore, it is advisable to consult a doctor before using it, and it is general to choose the appropriate creams to lighten the hands as follows: [1]Stay away from the use of bleached creams that contain mercury.Avoid the use of hydroquinone bleaching creams, which are associated with the incidence of cancer in the long onionDark spots can be removed and whiten the hands by using red on

2 hands to lighten hands

ion; Because it contains acidic compounds that help in this, but be careful not to approach the eyes or open wounds, and if the skin suffers from allergy to red onion, you should consult a dermatologist there. The method is: [2]Ingredients: a slice of red onion.How to prepare:Red the hands with the slice of red onion.This process is repeated daily for best results.LemonadeOne of the welcoming ways to whiten the hands is the use of lemon juice rich in vitamin C; which protects the skin from UV rays, and it is by following the following method: [3].Ingredients: A quantity of hot lemon juice.How to prepare:The lemon juice is placed in a bowl.The hands are soaked with lemon juice for 20 minutes.Hands are washed with cold water.Hands are moisturized with an appropriate moisturizer, as lemon juice is acidic and causes dry skin.the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 red onions

4 lemon juice

Get rid of darkening of hands

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