Get rid of excess hair permanently with salt

1 Excess hair

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1 excess hair
2 Ways to get rid of excess hair with salt
3 Treatment methods for hair removal
4 Reasons for the formation of excess hair
5 The importance of salt
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Excess hair

Excess hair is one of the disorders of hair growth, which leads to its increase in females, where dark and coarse hair appear abundantly in areas where this type of hair does not grow, and especially in males, such as the upper lips, abdomen, and back, and its appearance coincides with the age puberty in women, so that 10% of women suffer from excess hair, and an increase in hair growth is due to many reasons, The most important of which is the increase in the level of production of the production of the production of the production of the production of the production of the male hormones (androgens) that lead to an increase in unwanted hair, and there are other reasons that will be mentioned later, and since the hair is the most is a source of inconvenience to the girl, so she must remove them and on the part of the ways to remove it using salt. [1] [2]

Ways to get rid of excess hair with salt

These are the most important methods and mixtures used to remove excess hair permanently wit

2 Ways to get rid of excess hair with salt

h salt, in addition to a detailed explanation of the method of preparation and application at home:

The first method
Ingredients: rough salt, grated olive oil soap and rose water. [3]
How to prepare and use: mix the ingredients with each other until a creamy consistency is obtained, then the mixture is placed on the area to remove and leave it for an hour or two depending on the nature of excess hair, And when hair loss is noticed, the area is rinsed with warm water and is moisturized with water roses, it is recommended to perform an examination on a part of the body to ensure that there is no sensitivity to any of the components of the components of the mixture.

The second method
Ingredients: half a cup of salt, a quarter cup of cold water. [4]
How to prepare and use: mix the ingredients well, then put the mixture on the skin, and rub, after removing the excess hair from the roots, then leave the mixture on the skin for 10 minutes, then wash it with water and dry Well, and this mixture is repeated every week to get the best results, let’s permanently remove the excess hair.

The third method
Ingredients: English salt, water. [5]
How to prepare and use: Fill a bowl with water, th

3 treatment methods for hair removal

en add English salt, and the solution is placed on the body and areas to remove excess hair, then the area is circulated in a circular manner, and this continues for several Minutes, after which the skin is washed with water and dried well.

Fourth method
Ingredients: 5 tablespoons of sea salt, 6 tablespoons of turmeric and 5 tablespoons of clean milk. [6]
How to prepare and use: mix the ingredients with each other until a paste is obtained, an amount of mixture is placed on a clean skin and massage is done for 15 minutes, after which the skin is washed with cold water, dried Well, wipe the skin with a toner to remove the effects of turmeric, and repeat apply this mixture once a day for eight days to get rid of excess hair.

Therapeutic hair removal methods

There are many ways to treat excess unwanted hair, including:

Get rid of excess weight which helps the body to reduce the secretion of male hormone. [2]
Drug therapy, which can reduce the amount of excess hair in the body, prevents the growth of new hair in addition to reducing the growth rate and roughness of existing hair, these drugs are taken for a period of not less than six months and These drugs include:[2]
The pill, th

4 reasons for the formation of excess hair

is is the first option to treat the problem of excess hair, as 60-100% of women will get rid of their problem when taking this medication, these pills reduce the levels of androgen hormone. [2]
Anti-androgens, which are drugs that reduce the production of androgens or prevent their effect on hair follicles. These drugs can cause birth defects, and it is advised that they not be taken by a pregnant woman. [2]
Certain creams prescribed by the specialist doctor that slows down hair growth. [7]
Cosmetic therapy with several known techniques that women use to eliminate hair from the body, which includes: [8]
Hair removal with waxing, shaving or depilation creams, which require continuous use to achieve the required results.
Laser hair removal, which relies on light rays to damage the hair follicles so that the hair falls out and prevents the growth of the new hair style. Laser therapy is a permanent treatment for the problem of excess hair.
Hair removal with electrical analysis, which consists of removing the hair with an electric current, as it treats the hair follicles individually, so that the sessions can take longer.

Reasons for excessive hair formation
Genetic reasons: It is noti

ced that excess hair appears in women of a family, and it is also more common in people in the Middle East regions, South Asia and the Mediterranean Sea. [7]
Hormonal causes: As the female body produces in its natural state, the male hormone called androgens with minor proportions, but when a defect occurs to produce a high percentage of this hormone, it will lead to the appearance of excess hair in abundance, in addition to other symptoms; Such as acne, small breasts, thick sound and these symptoms include the following pathological conditions: [7]
Puclys, which are small sacs or fluids filled with female ovaries.
Kushing syndrome, which is caused by the production of large amounts of cortisol hormone in the body for long periods.
Tumors have formed in the adrenal glands or ovaries that produce hormones such as the hormone cortisol.
The effect of drugs: for some drugs that doctors prescribe a great effect on the levels of hormones in the body, resulting in excessive hair growth such as: drugs that contain hormones such as stimulants and drugs that stimulate hair growth such as: rougen (Minoxidil) , or a drug called danukrin (danazole) helps the endometrium. [7]
Tension and psychol

ogical disorders: as stress and tension increase the secretion of the hormone adrenaline, which in turn affects the production of other hormones that ultimately lead to the emergence of excess hair, it is advisable to relieve anxiety, tension and psychological stress. [9 ]]

The importance of salt

The benefits of salt that accumulate in the body are many because they help control the percentage of sugar in the blood by improving sensitivity to insulin, and after a diet in which the percentage of salt decreases leads to an increase in insulin resistance, in addition to This salt is a natural antihistamine, a few brushes of salt on the tongue will reduce allergies or asthma attacks, and the body needs salt to maintain the pH of the stomach, and helps reduce adrenaline in the body, in addition to improving the quality of sleep; Salt is an anti-tension, and strives to increase metabolism which leads to a healthy weight, as it improves the functions of the thyroid gland by reducing anti-antibiotic hormones such as cortisol. The Complete Book of Ayurveda Treatments), this salt slows hair growth and stimulates it to fall out, and although it is slower than chemicals, it is gentler on the

skin. [10] [6]

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Get rid of excess hair permanently with salt

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