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1 topical medical creams to get rid of facial scars

Get rid of face scars – ” Contents1 topical medical creams to get rid of facial scars2 vitamin E3 lemon4 papers and silicon gel5 referencesTopical medical creams to get rid of facial scarsIt is recommended to use topical medical creams that contain alpha hydroxy acids and salicylic acids (salicylic acid), to treat acne scars, some of which may contain antihistamine and corticosteroids; To relieve inflammation and itching, because the use of these creams reduces facial scars, stimulates the growth of new cells and can be obtained without a prescription. [1]Vitamin EVitamin E capsules reduce skin scars and can be applied directly to the scars by bringing vitamin E capsules, then confused and embroidered inside the capsule on the scars, and more than one capsule can be used; To cover the size of the scar, then massage for ten minutes on the scar and the skin around it, leave for 20 minutes, then wash with warm water and repeat its use three times a day. [2]LemonLemon renews skin cells, gets rid of dead cells, improves the growth of new cells and maintains the elasticity of the skin; it contains alpha hydroxy acids and opens up scars; It contains natural ingredients that help to lighten the skin, cleaning the

2 Vitamin E

scar and surrounding skin, then soak a cotton ball with a teaspoon of lemon juice with a gentle rubbing, the lemon juice is left on the scar for ten minutes, then lose, then lose and advised to use sunscreen before going out; In order to avoid the slight allergy caused by lemon juice. [3]Documents and silicon gelSilicon dressings and gel attached to them are the best treatment for skin scars and improve the appearance of scars, and several studies have confirmed that their use gradually improves the appearance of scars, and another study showed that these bandages improve the appearance of the Charred scars and confirmed a final study on the effectiveness of silicone gel in improving scars, such as wounds, and charred scars, where silicone bandages can be purchased without a prescription, and many doctors can prescribe them to their patients after surgeries; To reduce scars, in addition to the lack of side effects, it does not cause pain and is easy to use. [4]the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 lemon

4 Silicon papers and gel

Get rid of face scars

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