Get rid of pimples under the skin

1 Use medicines

Get rid of pimples under the skin – ” Contents1 Use medication2 Warm compresses3 Use of natural materials4 Video to get rid of pimples under the skin5 ReferencesUse of medicationTopical medications dedicated to acne can be used, which are present in the form of gels, lotion or exfoliation, and they are available without the need for a prescription, some of which can be a prescription, and these medications are the following: [ 1]Benzoyl peroxide: which helps reduce bacteria.Salicylic acid: it opens the pores by removing the layer of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin and can help relieve inflammation.Surface: it works to inhibit bacteria and open pores.Alpha hydroxy acids: It exfoliates the skin.Retinoids: opens pores and reduces oil secretion.Warm compressesHot compresses can be used to get rid of pills under the skin, which follows: [2]Wash the face with warm water to open the pores of the face, then wash it with a teaspoon of acne face wash, which contains salicylic acid.Massage the face well with gentle pressure, circular motions, taking care not to press on any pimples.Wash the face with warm water, let it dry, then wash it again at night.Soak a piece of cloth in warm water, then press to avoid distillat

2 Warm compresses

ion and put it on the pimples under the skin for five minutes, to reduce pain and swelling.Use of natural materialshoneyHoney contains antimicrobial properties, which help get rid of bacteria, but care should be taken to use natural raw honey, not honey obtained from the grocery store, and it is used by applying a small amount of honey on the affected area, and leaving it overnight, it can also be mixed with water and used as a cleanser.Tea Tree OilTea tree oil can be used as an alternative to harsh antibiotics, chemicals that do not require a prescription (OTC) and can be used pure, or use products that contain at least 5% of tea tree oil and apply it twice a day until the seeds are removed from under the skin, but pure tea tree oil must be diluted before using it, by the followingMix one part of the tea tree oil, with one part of another base oil, such as: coconut oil, jojoba oil and olive oil.Apply the mixture to the affected area and leave it overnight.Wash the area in the morning.Video of getting rid of pimples under the skinBeast the pills that appear under your skin? How can you get rid of, see? :the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 Using natural materials

4 video to get rid of pimples under the skin

Get rid of pimples under the skin

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