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Get rid of swelling – ” Contents1 steam2 sleep3 tea4 Reduce salts5 cucumber and potatoes6 cold water7 Holding materials8 referencesSteamSwelling of the eyes can be eliminated by boiling 100 grams of chamomile with a liter of water, and then the eye is exposed to the increasing steam of the water, and care should be taken not to burn the eye when exposed to the escalation of steam. [1]enough sleepStaying up late at night contributes to a swelling of the eye, as it prevents the lack of sleep by getting the comfort for it, which will affect it and expose it to bloating, especially in the area under the eye, so A sufficient amount of sleep must be obtained. [2]TeaOne of the ways to get rid of eye swelling or diligence is to put tea bags after cooling them on the eye for only 10 minutes. [2]Reduce saltsEating large amounts of salts contributes to increasing the swelling of the eye area, while the body works to store water to compensate for the shortage, in a number of places in the body, which is the area of the lower eye, So you should take care to reduce the consumption of salts in the diet. [2]Cucumber and potatoesSwollen eyes can be treated by lying down in a quiet and relaxing place, then cucumber slice

2 Sleep

s or potato slices are placed on the eyes, and left for fifteen minutes. [3]cold waterOne of the ways to treat bloating in the eyes is the use of cotton that was soaked in cold water and put the eyes to return them to their normal position, and hide the bloating. [3]Retention materialsOne of the ointments or medical fluids, which strives to shrink the skin in the eyes, can also be soaked in a cotton ball in astringent, and then they are placed on the eyes with a relaxation for ten minutes to get rid of flatulence and strawberries are considered natural materials that work as a skin holding. [4]the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 tea

4 Reducing salts

Get rid of swelling

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