Get rid of the dark knees

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Get rid of the dark knees – ” Contents1 black knees2 recipes to get rid of dark knees3 general tips4 referencesBlack kneesMost women in the world suffer from black knees in the area of the knee in the feet, where this area is particularly darker than the rest of the skin of the woman’s body, and through the ages, skin experts have tried to find many methods, ways and solutions to alleviate these effects, and to unify the color of the skin in most women during a set of tips, of which the most important are: [1]Moisturizer: This area should be permanently moisturized by applying moisturizing creams, especially creams that contain a large amount of fats such as cocoa butter and coconut.Exfoliation: This area should be peeled through various exfoliation creams, except that caution must be taken when it comes to these areas and not causing scratches or wounds because it can cause permanent bruising.Recipes to get rid of dark kneesAmong the most important recipes that the woman can use to whiten the knee area, includes the following: [2]Milk, honey and turmeric: where milk, honey and turmeric are mixed well, until a group of balls is formed from the paste, and it is placed on the dark area for 30 minutes, then rub

2 Recipes to get rid of the dark knees

the area after drying, washed with hot water and dry well, then put a moisturizer on it.Milk and apple cider vinegar: an equal amount of apple cider vinegar and milk is placed inside a bowl, then mix them well, and put the mask on the dark area for 20 minutes, and we later wash the mask and dry the area well and note the difference well before and after the mask. [3]Lemon and sugar: where a tablespoon of lemon is mixed with a tablespoon of sugar, and put them on the knee for half an hour, and then we wash the knee and put a moisturizer on it and note that the black of the black knee began to gradually fade.Other recipes: There are also many recipes recommended by skin experts, which depend mainly on the use of oils such as almond oil, in addition to green tea leaves, turmeric and milk, and with different recipes, it is necessary to periodically and permanently preserve On the moisture and freshness of these areas, so that the body remains perfect a uniform and beautiful color.General adviceIt is mentioned that there are several other areas of the body that suffer from the problem of darkness, the most important of which are under the armpits and sensitive areas of the body, as well

3 general tips

as areas exposed to sunlight, and This problem abounds in the summer in particular and its effect in winter in general is weaker in general; Therefore, you should try to prevent during the summer of the harmful sunlight and take all necessary precautions for this. [2]the reviewerWas the article useful?

Get rid of the dark knees

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