Get rid of the effects of acne in the back

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Get rid of the effects of acne in the back – ” Contents1 acne2 natural recipes to get rid of the effects of acne on the back3 reasons for the appearance of acne4 tips to avoid acne on the back5 referencesAcneAcne is defined as a condition that affects the skin, in which the pores, hair follicles in the skin are closed due to the accumulation of sweat, oils and hair, and as a result, it can form protuberances, or blackheads that are proud, and acne is classified as more than more skin conditions that spread widely between teenagers and adults, and the problem of acne can appear in some people on the face, and some of them can appear in the back area, and scratching the grains can leave traces that can make things worse. [1]Natural recipes to get rid of the effects of acne on the backTea tree oil and olive oil recipeTea tree oil contains sterile materials, anti-bacterial properties and fungi, while olive oil contains moisturizing properties that help hide the effects of acne on the back, and the method is:[2]ingredients:Five or six drops of tea tree oil.One tablespoon of olive to prepare:Tea tree oil is placed on a damp towel.Do the back with the towel.Once the skin has absorbed the oil, the olive oil is placed on anoth

2 Natural recipes to get rid of the effects of acne on the back

er damp towel.Vary the back with this towel, then leave for 5 minutes.Wipe the back with a dry towel; to remove the excess oil.This recipe is repeated three times a day; for best results.LemonadeLemon juice is a great recipe to get rid of the effects of acne on the back; As it contains citique acid, which works to lighten the effects of love and reduce it, it also contains vitamin C, which helps to regenerate the skin cells, and the method is:[2]ingredients:A sufficient amount of lemon juice.A piece of to prepare:Wash the back with warm water, then dried with a towel.A piece of cotton is soaked in lemon juice, then placed on the effects of love to the back.Leave lemon juice on the back for 10 minutes.Wash the back with water.This recipe is repeated regularly; until the effects of acne disappear from the back.Recipe with sandalwood and rose waterSandalwood has the ability to calm the effects of acne on the back and reduce it; It contains antimicrobial properties, and others work to fight the scars and effects that pills leave, but for rose water, it helps to nourish the skin, and the method is:[2]ingredients:A sufficient amount of sandalwood powder.A sufficient amount of

3 reasons for acne appearing

rose to prepare:Mix the ingredients well; Until a paste is formed.The mixture is placed in the back before going to sleep and left overnight.The back is washed with water the next morning.This recipe is repeated regularly; for best results.Note: Sandalwood powder can be used with milk, glycerin, turmeric, lemon juice, volcanic clay, tea tree oil, cucumber juice, almonds, black chickpeas, oats or tomatoes instead of rose water.Aloe vera gelThe aloe vera gel contains substances capable of treating the effects that acne leaves behind, and it also contains anti-oxidants and infections, which help to treat the defects and damage to which the skin is exposed, and the method is: [3]ingredients:A sufficient amount of aloe vera to prepare:The gel is extracted from the aloe vera leaves.A layer of gel is placed at the back and it is left overnight.This recipe is repeated once a day.The reasons for the appearance of acneThere are many factors that lead to acne, including:[4]Genetic factors: The risk of acne increases in a person if this problem is prevalent in their family.Dietary pattern: As a study has shown that the consumption of certain types of food can lead to acne

4 tips to prevent acne on the back

in some people, examples of these foods: carbohydrates in white bread, chips and dairy products, as these foods increase the level of sugar in the blood, This thus increases the chances of acne.Medications: The problem of acne can appear as one of the side effects of certain types of medications, such as: those antidepressants.Hormonal imbalances: It occurs in adolescence that changes hormones in the body, and this change can cause an acne problem, and this change can occur in girls specifically, especially in menstruation and pregnancy, so we find that many of them suffer from this problem permanently.Sweat: Running can also cause acne, especially if it gets stuck under tight clothes.Stress and pressure: tension can indirectly cause acne, but it can be considered one of the factors that lead to this problem.Tips to avoid back acneAcne that appears in the back area can be treated or works to prevent its appearance, and there are many tips that can help this, including:[4]Bathe after finishing exercise.Doing the skin regularly.Wearing loose clothing.Apply a tea tree oil recipe to the back.Make sure to keep hair away from the back; As long hair when you touch the back, it can contain

oils and dirt that encourages acne.Wash hair regularly and make sure to keep it clean.Apply sunscreen to the back if it is exposed and make sure to choose one of the light, oil-free types.Choose healthy and balanced foods, eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fat-free proteins, and avoiding foods that contain a high percentage of carbohydrates, such as: white bread, pasta, rice and potatoes.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Get rid of the effects of acne in the back

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