Get rid of the effects of acne

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Get rid of the effects of acne – ” Contents1 Acne2 Eliminate the effects of acneAcneAcne is one of the problems and the most common skin, and is not limited to acne, but the effects that leave it on the skin, which causes anxiety to the injured person; It begins to look for ways to get rid of their effects, and in this article we will learn different ways to remove these effects.Eliminate the effects of acneNatural methodsThere are a set of recipes and natural mixtures that help to do this, and the most important of them are:Baking Soda: It exfoliates the skin and cleans the skin, where we apply soda with a little water, to become a paste, and put the skin for 3 minutes, and then wash it.Water: water moisturizes the skin, inside and out, eating it and washing the face with it, so we should wash it twice a day, to get rid of dust and dirt in the skin, and it is better to apply a moisturizer After washing the skin.Lemon juice: It is considered an antiseptic of the skin of toxins, which helps to get a healthy skin free of defects, applying a quantity of it on a medical cotton and wiping the skin with it.Green Tea: antiseptic and purifying of the body, and it can be used with oats to achieve a satisfactory result for

2 Eliminate the effects of acne

the skin.Aloe Vera: It fights redness and irritation, and it contains a group of anti-inflammatory substances, and helps to get rid of scars and permanent effects.Medical methodsIn addition to the mixtures and natural prescriptions, there are a set of medical treatments that help to do this, including:College injections: injection of the area where the scar is located, which leads to mitigate its effects, but this treatment is temporary with its repeated period of a certain period of time.Sanding of the skin: it is used a brush that turns quickly, to get rid of the surface layer of the skin and hide the surface scars, while deep scars reduce them considerably.Laser: it eliminates the surface layer of the skin and destroys it, and strengthens the layer below by heating it, and it is several sessions after finishing it, attenuating the effects of the grains.Bad habitsThere are many bad habits that cause these scars, including:Removing pimples with your hands or touching them frequently and trying to remove them.Do not remove cosmetics before bedtime, which leads to bad results on the skin; Because it closes the pores of the skin and thus accumulation of dirt and impurities on them.Wa

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Get rid of the effects of acne

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