Get rid of the effects of pills on the face

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Get rid of the effects of pills on the face – “Contents1 acne pills2 reasons for the appearance of acne3 Treating the effects of acne4 referencesacneIt is a skin disorder that leads to the appearance of swelling on the skin, due to the collection of dead cells and oily secretions in the pores, which leads to their closure, and in case bacteria enter these pores, they swell and inflamed . This problem is considered one of the most common skin problems in all age groups. It can appear in both adults and children, but it is more visible in teenagers due to hormonal changes that increase oil and olive secretions at this time. Getting rid of acne is a process that needs a long time, because it needs effort and patience, but the effects that the pills leave after their disappearance are a bigger problem and need a lot of time to go away. [1]The reasons for the appearance of acneThe pills appear due to many issues and factors, some of which are due to certain physical changes that occur at certain times, and some of them are due to daily habits that harm the skin, and these reasons include: [2]Hormones: Hormonal changes are considered to be one of the most important reasons that lead to acne. Where fatty secretions increase during th

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is period, and these changes occur in adolescence and pre-centrual women.Some genetic factors.Poor skin care; Where neglect of skin hygiene leads to the exacerbation of the problem of pills and its increase, as this increases the amount of bacteria and germs that irritate the closed pores.Use of poor quality cosmetics that contain harmful chemicals in their composition.Eating fast food restaurants that contain fats and sugars in their composition.Treating the effects of acneThe effects of acne appear as a darker color of the skin color, and they appear due to improper treatment of pimples and mischief, and this problem is the most important problem that faces many people. This problem can be avoided by the correct treatment of pimples, and by not falsifying or eliminating the use of hands, some natural methods that help to alleviate them can be used, especially the methods that contain elements that lead to healing and building of tissues, and from These methods: [3]Honey mask: honey is considered a nutrient rich in many elements; that is why many people want to make it part of the daily food system, and because of these properties in addition to that, it resists bacterial infectio

3 Treating acne effects

n and leads to the healing of tissues, it is used as a mask to get rid of the effects of dark grains .Lemon: Lemon contains bleaching substances that unite the color of the skin, so it is used to get rid of dark spots resulting from acne, and it can be used with other substances as it is not suitable for all kinds of skin.Vitamin E: Vitamin E is one of the anti-oxidants that increase collagen production, which leads to the restoration and vitality of the skin and tissues. Vitamin E can be consumed as capsules purchased from pharmacies, or can be obtained from food.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Get rid of the effects of pills on the face

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