Get rid of wide pores on the face permanently

1 wide and open skin pores

Get rid of wide pores on the face permanently – ” Contents1 large and open skin pores2 ways to get rid of large pores on the face3 referencesLarge and open skin poresThere are many pores in the skin of the face that allow the skin to breathe, and these pores become a problem in itself when it expands and becomes large so that it can be seen with the naked eye, and this problem usually appears in People who have oily or combination skin, and one of the factors that increase the condition is worse, genetic factors, Dangerous skin care and loss of skin elasticity due to aging, and large pores lead to many problems such as young love and Blackheads, in addition to their unpleasant appearance, and to avoid these problems, large pores can be treated through the products available in the markets, or through health care and home treatments that the article will mention. [1]Ways to get rid of large pores on the faceSkin pores are important for the skin because sweat and natural fats come out to the surface of the skin through it, and it cannot be eliminated, but its size can be reduced by following some methods, in addition to home remedies, including:[2]Choose the right skin productsThere are products that clean the pores and make them

2 ways to get rid of wide pores on the face

look smaller and are one of the appropriate products to get rid of large pores, including:[2]Products containing zinc and magnesium; To restore the oils in the skin, filter the pores and reduce their size.Products containing rosemary or lavender; To calm the skin, relieve irritation and prevent pore expansion.Products that do not cause nondrying are listed on the product.Products containing salicylic acid; To open clogged pores.Products containing ritinol that open clogged pores and minimize their size.Cleanse the faceWashing the face daily and exfoliating the skin twice to three times a week from temporary solutions that shrink the pores; As people who have oily or combination skin usually suffer from large pores, but cleaning the face prevents the accumulation of grease and dirt in these pores. [2].Use sunscreenIt is recommended to wear sunscreen, which has SPF at least 30, in addition to wearing wide edges; To protect the skin from sunlight that reduces the smoothness of the skin, so the pores appear large. [2]Treat oily areas of the skinThe size of the pores between dry and oily skin varies, because the pores of dry skin are very small, but they are large in oily skin, so the l

arger the secretion of fat from the pores, and it should be noted that The pores of mixed skin are large in the areas of the nose, cheeks and forehead, and it can be treated this with the help of clay, or using transfer papers on the oily areas of the skin. [2] He uses the cosmetic clay mask to reduce pores and tighten the skin, and his method is:ingredients:Two tablespoons of cosmetic clay.2-1 1 tablespoon of rose water or whole to prepare:Mix the ingredients and apply the mixture to the face, distributing it evenly.Leave for 15 minutes before rinsing with cold water.Repeat the clay mask twice a week.The nature of the foodAvoid high fog foods and unrealistic oils; Because this leads to skin inflammation, pore blockage and lots of vegetables, fruits and low fog foods. [2]Remove makeupMakeup should be removed before sleeping; Because leaving it on the skin throughout the night leads to clogging and expanding the pores over time. [2]SnowSnake tightens the skin, reduces large pores and can be applied to the skin before applying makeup; To reduce pores, it can be applied to the skin by washing the face with cold, ice water once a day, and to increase the effectiveness of this

method, some materials can be added to the ice cubes, such as cucumber juice, apple juice, green tea, rose water or follow a simple and effective way to minimize pores, stimulate blood circulation, improve the health of the skin, the method is:[3]ingredients:ice cubes.A piece of clean cloth.How to prepare:Illegal cubes are wrapped with a piece of cloth.Then it is placed on the skin for 15-30 seconds.This method is repeated several times a day until the desired results are achieved.Aloe veraAloe vera gel (Aloe vera) moisturizes, cleanses, nourishes the skin, reduces large pores, removes dirt and grease from clogged pores, and the way is: [1]Ingredients: Aloe vera (prefer fresh).How to prepare:Aloe vera gel is given to the pores for several minutes.Leave the aloe vera gel on the skin for 10 minutes before rinsing with cold water.Repeat the method once a day.egg whitesEgg whites reduce large pores, tighten the skin and can treat young love, and the way is:[3]ingredients:Egg white.Two tablespoons of oatmeal.Two large spoons of lemon to prepare:Ingredients are mixed together; To create a cohesive paste.Apply paste to the face and leave for 30 minutes.The putty is rinsed off wi

th cold water.This method is repeated twice a cider vinegarApple vinegar works as a tone for the skin; It tightens and purifies it, reduces large pores, relieves infections that may appear on it, and the way is:[1]ingredients:Equal amount of apple cider vinegar and water.Cotton to prepare:Reduce the apple vinegar with water and the solution is applied to the face with a cotton ball.Let the apple vinegar solution on the skin to dry in the natural air.The method is repeated daily, just like the toner.baking sodaBaking soda limits the large pores of youthful love; Because it contains antibacterial and inflammatory properties, balance the level of acidity in the skin, remove dead skin, dirt and impurities, and the way is:[1]ingredients:Two large pendants of baking soda.Two large pendants of warm to prepare:Mix the ingredients; To create a paste.The paste is applied to large pores in the skin.Gently welcome circular motions for 30 seconds.Rinse the skin well with cold water.Repeat the method once every 3 to 4 days.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Get rid of wide pores on the face permanently

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