Glycerin and lemon mixture

1 glycerin and lemon mixture to treat skin scars

Glycerin and lemon mixture – “Contents1 mixture of glycerin and lemon to treat skin scars2 glycerin-lemon mixture for skin care3 mixture of glycerin and lemon to treat cracked hands4 referencesGlycerin and lemon blend to treat skin scarsGlycerin removes scars and the effects of young love, and makes the pores of the skin breathe, and it also moisturizes the skin and treats skin inflammation problems and psoriasis; It softens the skin, and it can be mixed with lemon to enjoy its benefits by following the following: [1]Mix three teaspoons of lemon juice, with three drops of glycerin well.Put the mixture on the injured area, leave it overnight or leave it for an hour.In case the skin is oily, the mixture on the face should not be left more than thirty minutes.Put the mixture (glycerin and lemon) at least twice a day to get rid of scars.Glycerin and lemon mixture for skin careLemon contains calcium, magnesium, potassium and vitamin C; it is one of the most important beneficial elements for the skin; It removes dead skin, has anti-fungal and germ properties, and is also considered a natural remedy to get rid of blackheads, and young love, and lemon maintains the proper acidity of the skin, it contains citric acid,

2 glycerine and lemon mixture for skin care

which unites the color of the skin opens it up, and lemon can be applied regularly on the skin, but with care not to be exposed to the sun when applying, because it can affect the color of the skin, and the two glycines are very useful for moisturizing the skin, treating its dryness, and peeling it, and the components can be mixed together by mixing two drops of glycerin with a little lemon juice, and a little sugar to moisturize the skin and facial exfoliation. [2] [3]Glycerin and lemon mixture to treat cracked handsGlycerin is very useful to moisturize the skin and skin; It helps to get rid of cracking hands and get soft and smooth skin for feet, thighs and legs, and it can be mixed with lemon through:[4]Mix glycerin with lemon juice and rose water.Put the mixture on the cracked hands and massage it gently.Leave it on the hands for twenty minutes, then wash it off with water.Repeat the process once a day for two weeks for best results.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

3 glycerin and lemon mixture to treat the cracking of the hands

Glycerin and lemon mixture

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