Grease the body with olive oil

1 Benefits of olive oil fat on the body

Grease the body with olive oil – ” Contents1 benefits of olive oil fat on the body2 olives3 olive oil4 referencesBenefits of olive oil fat on the bodyAmong the benefits of olive oil on the body are the following: [1]Protection against free radicals: olive oil is one of the most powerful antioxidants, which makes it an effective and protective factor against free radicals, which are a major cause of cancer cells, including deadly skin cancer.Body hydration: it gives the body in general and the skin in particular is a great moisture, which prevents it from drying, and prevents the problems that accompany dryness, especially wrinkles and fine lines that appear on different areas, including the neck, both hands, Face, etc., as well as maintaining the freshness, health, softness and radiance of the skin, as it is considered a sterile and natural antiseptic for the skin, which prevents the formation of pimples, scars and pimples, making it an effective Treatment of acne.Reduce cellulite: it helps to slim the body and dissolve fat and cellulite accumulated, especially in difficult areas, including the rumen, buttocks, waist, etc., and this explains its entry as an essential element in many recipes for slimming.Treatment

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of infections: It treats infections of all kinds, thanks to its unique formula, including dermatitis and others.Granting feelings of relaxation: Helps to relax, relieves the body of the feeling of anxiety and stress, reduces the maximum extent of sleep disorders and insomnia and helps to calm the nerves.Nourish the scalp: it is very useful for the health of the hair, applying it to the scalp, as it nourishes the follicles and roots of the hair, and helps them to grow, as it prevents its dryness and the problems that accompany this dryer on the head of the shell.Anti-aging: it contains chlorophyll, which is a dye of light representation, which makes it one of the most powerful anti-aging, as it maintains the youthfulness of the skin, stimulating cell production in the body.Effective sunburns: the Oxford Academy studies have indicated the effectiveness of olive oil when used after sun exposure, for its antioxidant properties. [2]MQLIF: It is possible to make a face and body peel that treats dry and scaly skin areas, by mixing olive oil and sea salt, and it is best to use soft granules for the face and sensitive areas, while coarse granules can be used for the rest of the body. [2]Red

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uction of pigmentation: areas that contain pigmentation or scars can be massaged with olive oil to reduce them, as olive oil helps to hide them because it contains vitamins and antioxidants necessary, in turn, the skin cells help to regenerate and prevents the appearance of stretching . [2]oliveOlives are evergreen oil plants, its evergreen tree comes from perennial trees, and it is one of the trees whose oil does not contain cholesterol, because eating olive oil is not harmful to the heart, and this tree is one of the eastern Mediterranean plants, then moved to live in each of the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, and they now live in all countries of the world, because the olive tree is related to the culture of the Palestinian resistance, so the Palestinian has always adhered to its trees completely because Adhering to its land and its cause, and so we will approach to talk about the most important benefits of olive oil in general and the body in particular. [3]Olive oilOlive oil is considered one of the natural miracles that God has blessed – glory to him – with humanity, and people are almost affirmed as a treatment and medicine for every disease, as well as its use

s and benefits that can not be limited, whether on Health, aesthetics or food, in addition to what it enters as an element, the main to make an unlimited number of nutritional dishes, sweets, pasta, etc., thanks to its natural formula that contains an integrated set of nutrients, metal, acids, beneficial fats and essential vitamins necessary for the health and growth of the body. [4]This oil is extracted from the blessed olive tree, which is grown in the areas of the Mediterranean basin, and this oil can be used by eating it by drinking it or entering it in the composition of various foods and daily dishes, or by drinking it , especially on an empty stomach early in the morning, or by applying it topically to the body, the advantages of oil fat are as follows. [4]the reviewerWas the article useful?

Grease the body with olive oil

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