Hair removal without pain

1 ways to remove hair

Hair removal without pain – ” Contents1 ways to remove hair2 natural recipes to relieve the pain of hair removalWays to remove hairOne of the things that causes girls concern and anxiety is choosing the appropriate method to remove hair and maintaining a clean soft skin without feeling the pain accompanying this process. There are many methods and methods of hair removal and one of the most important methods used to remove hair:Hair removal with shaving: this method is the simplest, cheapest and less painful, but its results are not commendable, because they do not get rid of hair for a long time, so it appears after two or three days since its barber , thicker and darker.Wax: One of the methods used to get rid of hair from its roots, because the gum that contains it sticks to the hair and extracts it from its roots, is considered effective to get rid of hair for a whole month, but it is Impossible to get rid of short hair, so compresses must be used to get rid of it.Hair removal cream: it aims to weaken and drop the hair follicle after ten minutes of its position, and the hair will return to grow a week after its removal, with the need to avoid its use on sensitive areas.Sugar and acid (doctrine): similar to

2 Natural recipes to relieve hair removal pain

the wax method to remove hair, but it is considered the best because it consists of healthy natural products that does not harm the health of the skin, somewhat painful, but it is the best to get rid of hair even from short hairs and is able to remove the dead cells accumulated on the surface skin.Hair removal machines: They cut the hair, with less pain than the doctrine causes, and a large percentage of girls and women resort to the use.Laser hair removal: One of the best ways to get rid of you is permanently hair, but it is considered the most expensive, and it is either by purchasing a domestic laser device or by resorting to centers and clinics specializing in skin care.Natural recipes to relieve the pain of hair removalBitter lupineGrind a cup of bitter lupine, soak it with three cups of boiling water and leave it soaked for ten hours.Strain the water from the lupine and put it in a spray bottle.Put the bottle in the refrigerator for a whole day and sprinkle it on the area before removing the hair, and then sprinkle it on the area itself after removing the hair, as this would reduce the emergence of hair.Sprinkle a lupine soak twice a day and leave it for ten minutes at a tim

e.Honey and yeastMix a quantity of honey and yeast and with the same ingredients together.Add a little lemon juice and rose water to the mixture.Before you start removing the hair, apply your body with this mixture and let it dry.Anesthesia creamsBy resorting to the use of narcotic creams and can be obtained from pharmacies and is placed as a local anesthetic half hour before the process of hair removal. This drug reduces the severity of pain by 90%, but attention must be paid before applying this drug to the sensitivity of the skin by applying it to a small area and for a period of not less than one hour and examining its effect on the skin.Was the article useful?

Hair removal without pain

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