Health and how to preserve it

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Health and how to preserve it – ” Contents1 Health2 How to maintain health3 types of health4 referenceshealthHealth defines the ability of the individual to adapt in his environment physically, socially and mentally, [1] The word health indicates that the body is free from physical and psychological diseases, and health care is present to help people stay healthy. [2]How to maintain healthBelow are the most important points to follow to maintain health:Do not expose the body to toxinsMany substances that people use or eat contain toxins negatively affect the health of the body such as smoking, drugs and alcohol, reducing foods that add sugar and fast food problems that are through a balanced diet. [3]Sleep betterStudies indicate that sleep deprivation is associated with many diseases that affect the body such as heart disease and obesity; Therefore, sleep is essential to the health of the body and it is necessary to allocate a good and proper time to sleep, and the problems that some may face and keep them will be eliminated by moving away from stimulants such as coffee at the end of the day, and sleep at a specific time each day in a completely dark place with reduced lighting before sleeping for a few hours to

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prepare the body for the period of sleep. [3]Avoiding stressExposure of the body to stress increases the levels of Curitzol which hinders the metabolism and increases the person’s desire to eat and the accumulation of fat in the stomach area, which increases the risk of developing various diseases; To reduce the level of tension, various activities such as walking, practicing deep breathing exercises or meditation can be practiced, and people who can not control stress are advised to review psychiatrists. [3]practice of sportsExercise, especially weightlifting exercises, helps to improve the outward appearance of the body, helps to reduce the level of sugar and insulin, improves the level of cholesterol in the blood and reduces the percentage of triglycerides, in addition to this weightlifting increases the level of testosterone and growth hormones, which both improve the health of the body, other exercises reduce depression, other chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease. [3]A balanced dietEat real food, that is, unprocessed foods are the simplest ways that guarantee the health of the body such as animal and plant foods such as meat, fish,

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eggs, nuts, fruits, healthy fats, oils and dairy products. [ 3]Types of healthHealth is divided into two types, which are physical health that is concerned with the health of the internal work of the body, and how to follow the steps that keep the body healthy, such as exercise, balanced nutrition and rest, and receiving treatment If necessary to keep the body healthy, and the second part of health is mental health which cares about many aspects of a person’s life, it is not limited to the absence of depression and anxiety, but rather cares about other lives aspects such as enjoying life, adapting to problems and feeling safe. [2]the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Health and how to preserve it

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