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Health of nail color – “Contents1 nails2 nail problemsColor and meaning of 3 nails4 tips and guidelines for maintaining nail health5 video, causes of blue nails6 List of referencesNailsThe nail is defined in the science of anatomy as a membrane that covers the end of the tips of the fingers of the hands and feet of the human being, and the nails are made of a hard and steel protein called keratin that contains 15% water and the rest includes calcium salts and minerals, and under the nails, it is called a nail lining, which is an applicant rich in blood vessels, and the fingernails are renewed every four months, while the toenails take a whole year to renew completely, and healthy nails are characterized by their uniform pink color without color stains that may indicate the presence of internal diseases or disorders in the body which we will discuss in this article. [1] [2]ProblemsOne of the most important problems and disturbances that can occur in the nails, which is an indication of what is happening inside the body is the following:[3]Developing nails under the skin resulting from their poor lining, wearing tight shoes or genetic causes, and can grow on the skin surrounding the nail and this can cause

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pain, swelling and infection and can develop into a subcutaneous abscess. [3]Nail mat separation and new nail growth takes 6 months for fingernails and 18 months for toenails. [3]Changes in nail shape or tissue, which can occur for several reasons. Thick, brittle, or dark nails are more common in adults with poor circulation, in addition to the formation of nail protrusions resulting from aging. [3]Exfoliated, brittle, and cracked nails, which are common problems with exposure to water and harsh soap and other chemicals. [3]Nails with fungal infections, which are one of the most common nail problems and treatment is possible when consulting a doctor by prescribing anti-fungal and it takes about several weeks, months or years, depending on the case and its degree, and this infection is In the form of white or yellow patches under the nail, and in the case of the spread of fungi widely, it can cause the nail fungi that abound in the athletic foot. As for the symptoms of fungal infections, it includes: [1 ]The color of the nails becomes white, yellow, blue or black and more in men than women.Sensation of pain and lack of comfort if the affected nail is not treated.Inflammation gets w

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orse in people with diabetes.Exhaust the nail and the occurrence of infections in the surrounding skin.Display while walking if you leave the toenails untreated.Change in the color of the nails, which indicates some problems or diseases in the human body. [3]Color and meaning of nailsThese are the most important colors with which the nails can be colored and cause or their connotations from the problems or diseases that the body may have infected:Blue color [2]Absorption, which is a condition caused by much exposure to silver compounds.Lasive hepatitis (Wilson’s disease).Raynoud syndrome, when the nails begin to turn pale in color and end in blue, and pain can be made when exposed to cold.Blood poisoning or blood incidence that occurs when a bacterial infection enters the bloodstream.Lung and respiratory problems, such as asthma, swollen lung, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic amalitis and other breathing disorders.Low oxygen in red blood cells.A very high level of hemoglobin in the blood.Not enough blood reaching the hands due to cold, constricted blood vessels or other causes.Black color [2]Anemia.Vitamin B12 deficiency.Bacterial infection.Chronic kidney disease.Majo

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r gland problems.Liver disease.Cancer or melanoma.Exposure to satisfaction.White color [4].Anemia.Renal insufficiency.Fiscal liver.Diabetes.Undergoing chemotherapy.Flat or severe alopecia.In the case where half of the nail is white and the other half is brown or reddish brown, it may be caused by kidney failure or liver disease.White patches [2]Zinc deficiency.Injuries in the nail bed.Arthritis.Poisoning.Iron deficiency.Grey color [2].Arthritis problems.Pulmonary hydrocephalus (water in the lung).Malnutrition.Post-surgical effects.Blue eyes.Lung problems with flatulence.Heart diseases.Green color [2]Allergy to cleaning materials.Bacterial infection such as bacillus infection.Infection with infection.Dangerous swelling.Yellow[2][4]Dermatophyte infection, which is the most common and also affects toenails and causes nail breakage.Psoriasis.Jaundice.Heat exposure.Addison’s disease.Stool disease.Certain medications such as tetracycline, chlorbromazine, gold salts (for rheumatoid arthritis).Nicotine stains from smoking cigarettes.Lymphoma problems.Respiratory disorders, such as chronic bronchitis.Diabetes or liver problems.Purple color [2].Oxygen deprivation.Circular problems.Congenital

problems.Red color [2] [4]Bleeding from the brain.Heart disease.Hypertension.Lung diseases.stroke.Carbon monoxide poisoning.Exposure to satisfaction.Bacterial endocarditis.Psoriasis.Systemic lupus.Renal failure.Brown color [4].Zubian meat.Malignant skin cancer.Edison’s diseaseBrown or red spots [2] [4].Psoriasis.Folic acid deficiency.Vitamin C deficiency.Lack of protein.Nail injury.Tips and guidelines for maintaining nail healthIt is recommended to follow the following tips and instructions to maintain healthy nails, avoid infection and improve the appearance of the nails:Make sure nails are kept clean and dry. [5]Avoid biting or swallowing nails. [5]Be sure to apply a moisturizer to nails and skin daily, knowing that creams that contain urea, phosphorus or lactic acid can help prevent nail breakage. [5]Be sure to flip the nails in one direction. [5]Do not remove the skin or clean very deeply under the nails, as this can lead to infection. [5]Do not pierce developing nails under the skin and seek medical attention if the condition becomes bothersome. [5]Avoid acetone or formaldehyde. [5]Use only your nail care tools. [5]Be sure to eat a balanced diet and take vitamins containing b

iotin. [5]Avoid harsh chemicals such as soap and strong detergent. [2]Avoid or reduce the use of chemicals such as hair dyes. [2]Stay away from smoking. [2]Make sure shoes are fully selected for foot size. [2]Be sure to carefully remove artificial nails according to the manufacturer’s instructions. [2]A continuous check in case of nail color changes in the pants when the artificial nails are applied, as it indicates a bacterial infection. [2]Use your own towel after bathing and be sure to dry the foot, especially between the fingers and wearing slippers in common shower areas such as the gym bath or pool. [2]Expedite treatment of any signs of eczema that appear. [2]Be sure to wear protective gloves while washing dishes. [2]Do not put pressure on the skin surrounding the nail and pull it back during the nail care process. [2]Video of what causes blue nailsHave you been surprised by your blue nails and I don’t know why! :BibliographyWas the article useful?

Health of nail color

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