Herbs to bleach skin

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Herbs to bleach skin – ” Contents1 skin whitening2 herbs to whiten the skin3 tips for skin whitening4 referencesSkin whiteningThe skin is considered the largest organ of the human body, and it is the first line of defense against infection and disease, and for this reason, when dark spots appear or have a disease, the person seeks everything in his power to treat it and protect it from damage and can be treated at home and remove the spots by natural materials. There are many creams and whitening products of great popularity, but there are a number of women who prefer natural home remedies, because they have fewer side effects, and the most important of these herbal materials that we will discuss in this article is. [ 1] [2]Herbs to whiten the skinChamomileAlthough chamomile is an important material for hair purification, it can be one of the materials that whiten the skin, and it can be used by applying chamomile bags or flowers in boiling water and slices on the face, and it is best to consult a dermatologist When used on a large area of the skin. [1]RadiatorRadish contains properties to whiten the skin and can be tried a facial mask using rural radish, mixing it with lemon juice and rosemary oil, and

2 herbs to whiten skin

this is done by the following steps: [1]ingredients:An appropriate amount of rural radishAn appropriate amount of lemon juice and rosemary oil.Method:Mix an appropriate amount of rural radish, lemon juice and rosemary oil.The mask is placed on the face and left for a few minutes until it dries.The face is washed and it will notice that the skin has become clearer.Similar and honeyAlum is one of the herbs that have the impact of whitening on the skin, and it can be combined with honey to get a greater benefit, and this mask is used according to the following method:[1]ingredients:A quantity of alum.A quantity of honey.Method:Mix an adequate amount of ground alum with honey.The mask is distributed on the face and left to dry.Wash the face with water.LemonadeThe acidity of lemon gives the necessary skin, and gets rid of dark spots and reveals the outer layer, and the effect of lemon is better on the areas affected by freckles and dark spots, and it can be used by immersing a piece of cotton in lemon juice and Put it on the face, with caution when applying lemon, especially if he is allergic to citrus, and it is best to consult a dermatologist before using lemon. [3]Ivy LeavesThese lea

3 tips for skin whitening

ves are characterized by the blood of the skin by drying these leaves, then soak them when the tea is soaked and used as tablets, and these leaves are used in cosmetics to lighten the skin, and their effectiveness has been proven against freckles and dark spots, and other problems that affect the color of the skin. 1]tomatoesTomatoes are an excellent substance to treat skin darkening and sunburns, as they contribute to the lightening and cleansing of dead skin cells, and can be used in the following method:[4]ingredients:Fruit or two tomatoes.Two large spoons of lemon juice.Two tablespoons of flour possibly.Method:All the ingredients are mixed in the electric blender to make the mask.The skin is massaged with this mask daily before bathing.Milk and lemonMilk is one of the substances that contain enzymes, as it is a natural whitening for the skin, and it also contains properties to moisturize the skin, and for this, it is effective for dry skin, and it can be used by the following method:[4]Method:Add a cup of milk to the bathtub full of warm water.Add a lemon juice.Then sit in the bathtub for 20 minutes.The method is repeated once a week.Lady’s mantle herbThis is one of the best he

rbs to whiten the skin and contribute to it and soften the skin, as it contributes to the treatment of many other problems related to the skin, and is used by getting the juice of this herb. spots. [3]Coconut oilCoconut helps to moisturize the skin, as it prevents the accumulation of dead skin, and for this it is recommended to use it daily will get the necessary nutrition throughout the day.red onionRed onion can be used because it contains ingredients that resemble those of lemon juice, and it is by massaging the face with a piece of red onion daily, but if the skin is sensitive, it is not recommended to use this method. [1]Skin whitening tipsThese points show the most important tips for skin whitening:[5]The skin is dried with a soft towel, but without rubbing it only by gently raising it.The skin is wet if it is dry, then aloe vera gel or a gentle skin wash is used to clean the face.Good sleep is one of the most important things that contribute to the beauty of the skin, and for this, you need to get a sufficient number of hours of sleep, and a lot of water or green tea that contains antioxidants should be drunk, and at least 3-4 bottles of water should be drunk, or 8 cups per

day, and 2-3 cups of green cheeks per day.Eat useful and healthy foods, reducing salty and spicy foods in the diet to keep the skin clean and healthy.Bathe in warm water after exercise, massage the skin, with relaxation and take a deep breath, and all these things are important for the health of the skin.The face is regularly peeled off, and after finishing the skin, the face is washed with warm water, and then the skin is washed with cold water to close the pores.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Herbs to bleach skin

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