Herbs to whiten skin

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Herbs to whiten skin – ” Contents1 skin whitening2 herbs for skin whiteningSkin whiteningThere are many ways that women can follow to lighten the color of the skin and increase its freshness, including what depends on the use of artificial creams, including what depends on herbs, oils and natural ingredients available in homes and markets, broadly, But the natural methods used in whitening remain the best solution; Being safe on the skin compared to the creams processed in factories, while some of the herbal recipes that effectively satisfy the skin come.Herbs to whiten the skinGingerIngredients:One teaspoon of grated ginger.One tablespoon of instant yeast.One teaspoon of honey.Two tablespoons of curd.How to prepare:Mix the ingredients and distribute them to the skin for about fifteen minutes.Wash the skin with warm water.Oatsingredients:1 tablespoon of ground oatmeal.A small amount of water.how to prepare:Mix the oats with water until their mixture turns white.Hold your face with the mixture for a minute, then wash it with warm water.Repeat the recipe daily for two weeks.WheatIngredients:1 tablespoon of wheat flakes.One teaspoon of curds.A small amount of lemon juice.how to prepare:Mix the ingredients t

2 herbs to whiten skin

ogether.Spread the mixture on dark spots for about twenty-five minutes.Wash your skin with lukewarm water.ChamomileIngredients:Two tablespoons of crushed chamomile flowers.1 tablespoon of: natural honey, fresh milk, curd and vinegar.Lemon juice.Two tablespoons of Granouk soil herb.Two legendary tablets.How to prepare:Mix the ingredients until homogeneous.Grease the face and neck with the mixture using a brush.Leave the mixture for at least half an hour.Wash the face and neck with lukewarm water several times.Repeat the mixture every day for a week.Cindeus HerbIngredients:Two tablespoons of stereos.Two tablespoons of oats.One teaspoon of turmeric spice.One tablespoon of olive oil.Half a lemon juice.A small amount of water.How to prepare:Melt the oats in water.Clean your face by washing it with warm water and with one of the appropriate types of skin.Dry your face with a soft cotton cloth.Put the ingredients in a blender, add oats, and blend.Spread the mixture on your skin, leave it for half an hour while it dries, then wash it off with warm water.Dry your skin and apply a moisturizer on it.TurmericIngredients:Two tablespoons of turmeric.Four tablespoons of mustard oil.how to prepare

:Mix turmeric with mustard oil.Spread the mixture on the face for fifteen minutes, then wash it off with warm water.Was the article useful?

Herbs to whiten skin

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