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Home ways to clean the skin – “Contents1 clean the skin2 household ways to clean the skinCleaning the skinThe pores of the skin are subject to obstruction due to increased secretion of oils, dirt, bacteria, makeup residue, sweat and dust, and these pores need constant cleaning to protect them from blockages and thus prevent acne and blackheads and get fresh skin, which requires daily monitoring, skin care and peeling to remove dead cells and get rid of excessive oils and dirt, and in this article we will learn the best natural effective ways to clean the skin.Ways to clean the skinSugarSugar is a natural skin stimulating and cleansing pores and gets rid of dead skin cells, where the amount of two tablespoons of sugar is crushed and then mixed the powder with half a fresh lemon fruit, and the mixture is applied to The face and massages with circular motions for five minutes after that, washed with cold water and applied. With a moisturizing skin, this process is repeated once a week to get the skin clean.honeyHoney helps to reduce pores and reduce the secretion of excess oils, as it helps to moisturize the skin, and is used by mixing a teaspoon of honey, two tablespoons of milk and a teaspoon of olive oil, so th

2 household ways to clean the skin

at the mixture is applied to the skin and left for fifteen minutes, then washed with warm water, and this mixture is applied once a week to nourish the skin, cleanse it and remove impurities.LemonLemon contains citric acid, which helps to peel the skin and clean it from oils and dirt, as it mixes a teaspoon of honey, a teaspoon of milk, a teaspoon of salt and a tablespoon of lemon juice well to homogeneous ingredients together, then apply the resulting mixture to the skin and rub it gently for a period of five minutes, it is best to leave on the face for ten minutes after it is washed with warm water, and this treatment is repeated twice a week to get the desired result.baking sodaBaking soda helps to organize the pH of the skin of the face, which makes it soft and fresh, as a tablespoon of cinnamon and two tablespoons of baking soda and half of the lemon juice are mixed in addition to five tablespoons of honey, so mix the mixture Well, distribute yourself on the face and leave for five minutes and then wash with water, the application of this recipe should be used twice a week.of eggsMix the egg white, a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of ground almonds, mix well to obtain a

firm paste, apply the paste on the face and rub gently with circular motions, let it dry completely and then wipe with a piece of damp cloth , and this recipe should be maintained twice a week.parsleyWash the parsley well, then cut the use of the knife and add a cup to a bowl that contains two cups of boiling water, leave the mixture for some time until it cools, then filter and bring a piece of clean cloth immersed in The solution and applied to the skin and it is best to leave for fifteen minutes after the skin is washed with water, and this process should be done daily to get a clean and dirt-free skin.Was the article useful?

Home ways to clean the skin

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