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1 Treating acne in home

Home ways to treat acne – ” Contents1 Treating acne at home2 Ways to treat acne3 mixtures to treat acne4 important tips for treating acne5 referencesTreating acne at homeThe problem of acne is still common in our time for different age groups, as it causes a disturbing appearance on the face, in addition to pain and discomfort, and given the restlessness and inaction of many issues, questions are multiplying on how to treat acne at home instead of Going to dermatology, and in fact no, it prevents that as long as the acne is not severe and the methods used are safe without any side effects, but it is always better to resort to specialists in these matters to ensure satisfactory results. [ 1]Home Ways to Treat AcneThere are many household recipes that claim their usefulness in alleviating or solving the problem of acne, but many of them cause more harm than benefit, but we have chosen for you a set of recipes that can be useful and safe to use:Tea tree oilThis is one of the most famous home recipes that dermatologists agree, because it works as an anti-inflammatory, and it is beneficial to reduce the redness of acne, but it is not without negatives, because it needs a long time to show its Effect, as it can c

2 home ways to treat acne

ause itching and stinging the skin when using it, and it can buy tea tree oil in pharmacies or skin care stores, and apply it directly on the pimples of pimples with a piece of cotton after washing the skin, but it Must be diluted with another oil (like jojoba oil) before using it. [2] [3]Snow packsSnow does not help treat acne, but it can help relieve redness and pain, so a piece of ice can be wrapped with a piece of clean cloth, and put it in the pimples for 10 minutes, but it should not note ice directly on the ice, or use it for a long time. 4]HoneyHoney is rich in antioxidants, which makes it suitable to help heal acne, and there is no harm in using it as long as there is no sensitivity to the vaccine or bees, and it can be used by applying it directly to the acne , or insert it into skin care masks. [2]Acne Treatment BlendsThese blends can help relieve acne: [1]Turmeric: Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory and germicidal properties, which can make it useful for acne, and it is by mixing two teaspoons of turmeric with half a cup of chickpea flour, drops of almond oil, and then apply the place of infection by the mixture Leave it for ten minutes, and then wash it with warm wate

3 mixtures to treat acne

r.Option: This is a good option to calm the skin, and it can be used by crushing a cucumber seed, straining the resulting water, then adding a tablespoon of sugar and merging it well, and applying the mixture to the face for 10 minutes to wash after.Yogurt and yeast: Put a teaspoon of yeast in a bowl of yogurt, put it on the face for 20 minutes, and then wash the faces with warm water first, and then cold water to help close the large pores.Important tips for treating acneBefore trying any of the home recipes that are circulating to treat acne, it is necessary to follow the following ways to alleviate the problem: [5]Wash the skin twice a day with warm water and mild soap, once in the morning and once in the evening, taking care not to scrape the skin violently, and then use a clean, soft towel to dry it.Choose the appropriate makeup for the skin type, free of oils, and reduce it in general; Because this leads to closing the pores and collecting dirt on the skin.Make sure to choose gentle skin care products and avoid toners and scrubs as they aggravate acne.Avoid pimples or touching grains, as this causes leaving scars that are difficult to remove later.The use of acne products and

4 Important tips for treating acne

creams available in pharmacies, especially those containing benzwell peroxide, or salicylic acid, but what is important in the use of such creams is the adherence to the use and patience to get results, it may take a few months. [6]the reviewerWas the article useful?

Home ways to treat acne

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