Hormone disorder and acne

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Hormone disorder and acne – ” Contents1 hormonal disorder and young love2 Video, the reason for the appearance of pills in the chinHormonal disorder and young loveAcne is one of the most common skin problems, and a person can develop it as a result of hormonal disorders, and infection is normal at the stage of young people, and therefore it is called acne, because it affects young people specifically between the age of fifteen And twenty-five, but this does not mean that a person does not suffer from it for example, the age of sixty, and it can be said that it affects girls more than boys, because there are conditions that only women cause.the reasonsThere are many causes of hormonal disorders that lead to the emergence of acne, including the method of nutrition, lifestyle or severe emotions, and can be summarized as follows:Looking at.Anemia.Malnutrition.Severe nervousness.Irritable bowel disorders.Obesity in the abdominal area in particular.Ignore breakfast.Psychological pressure in the period of exams or stress.Sitting at the office or in front of the computer for long periods of time.Increased secretion of androgens, which increases the secretion of fats that appear as pills.Traffic in ovulation, menopaus

2 Video, the reason for the appearance of pills in the chin

e, pregnancy and menstruation in women.Multiple ovarian syndrome, or as it is known as ovarian cyst, which occurs for women who have high levels of secretions of androgen hormones or who have problems in the menstrual cycle.Taking contraceptive medications.Pregnancy.Eating stimulants.Genetic problems.The hormonesBelow, I will mention the name of the hormones that must examine the percentage of their secretion in the body to know the extent of their compliance with the natural proportions, and to solve the problem of acne resulting from hormonal imbalance, which is the following:Total and free testosterone.Check the follicle stimulating hormone ratio.Check the percentage of the hormone or hormone stimulating the corpus luteum.Examine the prolactin hormone or prolactin hormone.Check the percentage of dehydroepiapiapiandrosterone hormone DHEA.treatmentThe treatment of this skin disease is in two phases, at first, the processor must get rid of the grains themselves, so that the inflamed skin is treated, then the stage of treatment of the effects of the pills on the skin comes and the treatment of skin inflammation is Three steps, the treatment of mesotherapy or washing the colon or a d

ifferent way of laser its types, therapeutic results appear on the skin after less than a month, and the doctor may prescribe topical fats containing vitamin A (a) derivatives such as the type of letinoids.Among the drugs prescribed to fight acne are those that contain estrogen and progesterone, in addition to the pill that the doctor prescribes, but in a few doses, and the most important symptoms of this drug are nausea and weight gain.Video of the reason for the appearance of pills in the chinPills are one of the problems that can specifically affect the face and chin, so what are the reasons for their appearance there? :Was the article helpful?

Hormone disorder and acne

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