How are my longest nails?

1 recipes to lengthen nails

How are my longest nails? – ” Contents1 recipes for lengthening nails1.1 Olive oil mixture1.2 Red bell pepper mixture1.3 Honey wax mixture1.4 Honey mixture1.5 Almond and lemon oil mixtureNails are one of the clearest signs of women’s interest in their beauty and appearance in general; Strong, radiant and touched nails give a beauty to a woman if she cares to elongate and look good beautifully; It highlights the beauty of hands and improves its appearance.Some women suffer from weak nails and nastiness in their growth, but there are natural recipes through which a woman can worry with their nails; These recipes help to lengthen the nails and prevent their breakage, and in this article we will talk about some of these recipes.Recipes to lengthen the nailsOlive oil mixtureThis mixture is prepared by heating a tablespoon of olive oil, and drops of lemon are added to it and put it on the nails, so much, rub it and leave it on your nails overnight.Red bell pepper mixtureThis is done by using half a tablespoon of red bell pepper, ten drops of boiling water and a hand care cream; Mix these ingredients well with each other until the mixture turns into a pomade, then put this pomade on the nails from the outside and in

1.1 olive oil mixture

side. Repeat using this mixture once a month and for a period of time each time.Honey wax mixtureYou can lengthen your nails using this mixture, and this is done by dissolving four beeswax pills in a bowl, adding a spoonful of castor oil and putting it on the nails with massage.Honey mixtureThis mixture is one of the best nail lengthening mixtures; in fact, it strengthens, moisturizes and prolongs the nails, and this mixture consists of a spoon of honey and two tablespoons of olive oil, in addition to a whipped egg. Mix the mixture well, put it on the nails with a good massage, and then leave it for 10 to 15 minutes.Mixture of almond oil and lemonThis mixture consists of a tablespoon of almond oil and drops of lemon; Where this mixture is placed on the nails for a period of about 15 minutes.It is always best to cover the nails after putting a mixture, in order to generate the most interest.Was the article useful?

1.2 Red pepper mixture

1.3 Honey wax mixture

How are my longest nails?

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