How can blackness be removed under the eye

1 Human face

How can blackness be removed under the eye – ” Contents1 human face2 causes of blackness under the eyes3 recipes for removing black under the eyes4 references.Human faceThe human face is the first destination of its beauty, so take care of it and beautify it was a necessity that not everyone is abdicated by men or women, and I will allore the eyes that are considered one of the most important elements of beauty The face, and the image that is reflected within the human being and his emotions, and attention must be given to its brightness and solve any aesthetic problems related to the eyes such as eliminating the darkness under them, and an eye contour is defined as a very Area in thin leather that reflects the color of blood. 1]Causes of blackness under the eyesThere are many reasons for the appearance of black color under the eye, the most important of which are:[1]Genetic reasons.Anemia – Anemia.Frequent stress and lack of sleep.The negative impact of cosmetics and their chemicals.Recipes for black withdrawal under the eyesThere are many natural recipes that are used to treat the appearance of black color under the eye and help to nourish and moisturize the skin and the most important of these recipes. [2], [1], [3]Make co

2 Causes of blackness under the eyes

mpresses of slices of fresh cucumber by putting them directly on the eye so that it covers the entire area and leaves for fifteen minutes, then washes with cold water. * Fresh mint juice tablets left on the eyes.Grease the area with a small almond oil and preferably at night before going to bed and wash it in the morning.Layer of hot bitter tea and then followed by compresses of cold tea, as the cold helps to tighten and supply the area.Use cucumber juice in the area, preferably for as long as possible for the greatest benefit of cucumber juice.Soak the cotton with potato juice, which is a strong solution to relieve blacks.Stroke consecutively with the index finger of the ground to renew the blood circulation in this area and increase the blood flow.Be careful to wash the face in the morning and evening of the night to get rid of the effects of the harmful composition of the eyes.Eat plenty of healthy foods filled with vitamins C, K, E in abundance in fruits, vegetables, nuts and seafood, and stay away from fatty foods and fast food.Drink sufficient amounts of water in the equivalent of 8 cups a day so that the blood vessels do not dry out and contribute to the appearance of swelli

3 Black removal recipes from under the eyes

ng and darkness under the eyes.Avoid eating alcohol and smoking because nicotine shrinks and weakens the blood vessels.Use of a good sunscreen protects the thin skin under the eye, as strong sunlight harms the area, with the need to protect the eyes with protective sunglasses.Constant exposure to laptop and computer rays affects the beauty, you should reduce the hours of sitting and looking at the computer or try to take a break from time to time with an exercise for the eyes by closing them and taking a deep breath.Tension and anxiety is a factor that shows its effect on the skin and eyes, and the opposite exactly increases the supply of the skin and its radiation. Life is full of difficulties. Thinking about the problems and its power of God Almighty should not increase.reviewer.Was the article useful?

How can blackness be removed under the eye

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