How can dark circles be removed

1 natural ways to get rid of dark circles

How can dark circles be removed – “Contents1 natural ways to get rid of dark circles2 tips to get rid of dark circles3 referencesNatural ways to get rid of dark circlesSweet almond oilSweet almond oil is an important source of vitamin E, as it has properties that make the skin soft and fresh, and can be used by: [1]Put it on dark circles with a small amount before going to bed, then gently massage the skin.Leave the oil on the face overnight, then wash it off in the morning.Note: there are two types of almond oil; Sweet, bitter and bitter almond oil is used only in aromatic treatments and is never used on the skin and is not taken orally.Aloe veraAloe vera is considered good and moisturizing skin because it contains nutritional properties that reduce dark circles under the eyes and make the skin healthier, and aloe vera can be used by: [1]Place the aloe vera gel under the eyes with a cotton ball and massage it for a few seconds.Leave the gel for 10-12 minutes, then wash it off with a piece of moisture.Repeat the process twice during the day, once during the day and once before bedtime.OptionThe choice has properties to brighten the skin naturally, it also has a soothing and fresh effect, and the choice is used by:

2 tips to get rid of dark circles

[2]Cut thick slices of fresh cucumber, then put them in the refrigerator until they cool.Put the cucumber slices on the skin for ten minutes, then wash the skin with water, and this process is repeated twice a day for a week or more.Another way to use the option: [2]Mix cucumber juice with lemon juice in equal amounts, using a piece of cotton, put the mixture on the skin.Leave the mixture for a minute, then wash it off with water and repeat this treatment daily for at least a week.Tips to get rid of dark circlesGet enough sleepNot having enough hours of sleep every day makes the skin dull and pale and weakens the blood circulation, and thus increases the appearance of dark circles, the body needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night, because sleep that is accompanied by a lack of vitamins lead to poor adrenal function in the absorption of vitamin B6. Some people sleep enough and show them dark circles for other reasons such as: eye makeup, alcohol and drug use. [3]Treating allergies in the bodyThe problem of dark circles under the eye can be caused by allergies, such as seasonal allergies like straw or sensitivity of a specific food grade, and people with allergies have a lack of foli

c acid, vitamin (B12) and vitamin B6, and taking supplements of these vitamins helps to get rid of allergies. [3]Good nutritionEating healthy foods, such as vegetables and fruits, especially spinach, cabbage and leafy vegetables, and drinking plenty of water to improve blood circulation, and eating daily vitamins and vitamins reduces the appearance of dark circles and circles. [3]Reduce the amount of salt in foodExcess salt in the body weakens blood circulation and fluid retention in the body, which leads to bloating under the eyes, or the blood vessels may appear under the skin so that they are bluer. [3]the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How can dark circles be removed

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