How did it become long

1 How to increase the length

How did it become long – ” Contents1 How to increase the length2 referencesHow to increase the lengthThe length of the man is one of the aesthetic things that give him a special characteristic. The person remains in the stage of growth from birth until 18 years, and then stops growth, and there are many factors that will help determine the total length of people; Where the genetic factor accounts for 60-80% of the final length and environmental factors can affect the length; Such as nutrition, exercise, sleep and other things, so the length can be increased by following these steps, but it should be noted the importance of following them before the age of 18 years, because then a person does not grow, and although some methods that can help increase the length: [1] [2]Follow a balanced health systemDuring the growth phase, the necessary nutrients that the body needs must be obtained, as the diet should contain fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains, proteins and dairy derivatives, and there are tips related to a healthy diet, including the following: [1] [3]]At this stage, it is best to stay away from sugars, processed and saturated fats.It is recommended to eat more foods rich in zinc, calcium, vitamin

D and magnesium. All of these elements help in the growth and strengthening of bones.Increase protein intake; Protein helps the body build healthy muscle mass and therefore can help increase growth.Take supplements and stimuliSupplements can help one grow longer, as they meet the nutritional needs of individuals. Calcium, vitamin A and vitamin D are very important; Because they support the strength of the bone and stimulants can play a major role in stimulating the endocrine glands to produce growth hormones, which in turn helps to elongate the stature, and also helps the bones to absorb calcium in abundance, which leads to Strengthen the bones, but it should be noted the importance of consulting the specialist doctor before consuming any type of supplements or incentives. [1] [4]ExerciseOne of the most important things that helps to increase the growth of the body is to exercise for at least half an hour a day. One of the most important sports that helps to grow is; Swimming, because it is useful in the growth of the bone, which allows the bones to expand and increase its length, and prove the validity of this theory has done studies along the swimmers, and they found that their

length is more than 1.8 meters, and other sports can be followed that need to jump as basket and volleyball; This is one of the things that can help increase the duration of the man, but it differs from person to person, in addition to the above, strength exercises can be practiced as pressure exercise and abdominal exercises, and elastic exercises can be practiced as Yoga exercises. [1] [2]Getting enough sleepSleep may not directly affect the length, but if the person is in the growth stage, the production of his growth hormone may decrease if he did not get enough sleep, because the body secretes growth hormone during sleep, and so people are informed, Especially children sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours a day. [4]the reviewerWas the article useful?

How did it become long

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