How do I care about my body and skin

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How do I care about my body and skin – ” Contents1 Attention to the skin2 How to take care of the skin and body3 useful foods for the skin and body4 natural recipes for skin and body care5 referencesPay attention to the skinSkin care is necessary, but the most important thing is for each person to know what type of skin they need to take care of before they start trying any recipe or treatment. Knowing the type of skin is the way that will help in the success of therapeutic and cosmetic methods that concern the care of it. The problems of the skin will worsen if a specific product is used that does not correspond to its type, it can start with the appearance of pills, or it suffers from the problem of dehydration or other problems related to the skin. After each person knows his skin type, he starts following the treatment methods to take care of it. In this article, we will talk about the most important ways to explain how to pay attention to the body and skin in general. [1]How to pay attention to the skin and bodyDaily skin care scheduleRegardless of the type of skin, the daily skin care schedule usually helps to maintain a healthy and clear skin, and also helps to protect it from some problems such as: pills, protub

2 How to pay attention to the skin and the body

erances and dark spots. This schedule is four basic steps, which are applied twice a day, one in the morning and the other before sleeping. In the following points we will clarify them: [1]Skin cleansing: It is best to choose a skin cleanser of the type that does not make it tight after finishing it. The face should not be washed more than twice a day, and only once if the skin is dry, and makeup is not applied to it.Use the serum on the skin: the serum can be used with vitamin C in the morning and under the sun, while the serum is preferred with reteinol at night.Moisturizing the skin: all skin types need moisture, even oily, but in this case you should observe the need to use a moisturizer of light type, which depends on the gel on its base, and does not close the pores.Use of sunscreen: it is very necessary not to neglect the sunscreen fifteen minutes before leaving home, and it is best to use the type that is at least 30 sun protection.General tips for skin careThere are many things that must be taken care of and followed for a healthy and beautiful skin. We will mention some of them: [2]Remove makeup before going to sleep.Exfoliate the skin once or twice a week.Eat more fruits

3 Foods useful for the skin and body

and vegetables, protein-rich foods and vitamins, especially vitamin C.Reduce foods high in fats, sugars, salts, spicy spices and fried foods.Exercise regularly.Get enough sleep, so that it is not less than eight hours a day, without neglecting to wash the face and moisturize it before sleeping.General tips for body careThese are the most important tips for obtaining a healthy and graceful body: [3]Eat healthy foods: this does not mean that you stop eating the desired food; rather, make sure you eat as much healthy food as possible.Exercise: Such as walking daily for at least half an hour or stretching before bed, this will give a comforting feeling in the morning.Make sure to clean teeth constantly and use Lippos if they look dry.Wash hands whenever necessary to prevent the transmission of germs to the body.Avoid smoking.Be sure to shower with aromatic preparations, then moisturize the body with lotion, to keep it clean and smelling.Unwanted hair removal either by using sugar or the women’s blade.Food beneficial to the skin and bodyThe food we eat can affect the health of our body, and unhealthy food creates changes in the vital processes that occur in the human body, which can le

4 Natural recipes for body and skin care

ad to many damages, such as weight gain or imbalance in the functions of certain organs such as the heart and liver. In addition to this, food can also affect a very important organ in the body, which is the skin, and the link has become clear between the wrong diet and its effects that it causes in the skin, because the more model, the paler the skin is and more than its real age too, while it will be more beautiful and younger when eating healthy. There are many healthy foods that nourish the skin and make it healthier and more attractive, and these foods are useful for the skin: [4]Oily fish.Avocado.Walnut.Sunflower seeds.Sweet potato.Sweet yellow or red bell pepper.Broccoli.Tomatoes.Soybeans.Dark chocolate.As for foods beneficial to the body, including:[5]Almonds.Oats.Broccoli.AppleBlueberry.Eggs and chicken.Natural recipes for body and skin careThere are many natural recipes that can take care of the body and skin, and make them more beautiful and attractive. We will mention some of them:A recipe for tanning the knees and elbowsMany are looking for a way to treat the dark color in the knees and elbows, and we will explain one of the recipes that help treat this problem:Ingredi

ents: a small amount of fresh lemon.How to prepare:Spread the lemon and the juice is removed.Rub the lemon juice on the dark areas, in the knees and elbows, then leave for up to 20 minutes.A towel is immersed in hot water and rubbed into the area.A recipe for the beauty of the skinThis recipe softens the skin and makes it shiny, beautiful and pure. And we will explain how to prepare it:ingredients:1 tablespoon of rose water.1 tablespoon of glycerin.One tablespoon of lemon to prepare:All the above ingredients are mixed well with each other.The mixture is placed on the skin up to half an hour, or it can be used before going to sleep.Wash the skin with plenty of water.This recipe is repeated every day.Recipe for eye careThe eyes must be carefully taken care of and make sure to treat any problems that may appear on them, and swelling or fatigue can be considered one of the problems you are exposed to. In what comes, we will explain one of the recipes that help treat this problem:Ingredients: adequate amount of rose water.How to prepare:A cotton ball is flooded with enough rose water.The cotton ball is placed on the eyes and left for up to 20 minutes.the reviewerWas the articl

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How do I care about my body and skin

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